[v1.0] Billion Chords – Most powerful guitar chords dictionary in the world

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When three or more different notes are combined in a certain way and played at the same time, they are called chord. Learning the guitar must first learn the chords. But there are so many guitar chords, it is impossible to remember all of them at once. If you want to search for guitar chords on your computer, try Billion Chords, a well-known guitar chords querying tool.

Billion Chords is a very simple, compact yet powerful, comprehensive and easy-to-use guitar chords dictionary. It comes with more than 1 billion chord fingerings and thousands charted chord variations, supports for both classical and electric guitars, and provides with many customizable options. It is regarded as the most powerful, unique chords dictionary software in the world!

With help of Billion Chords, you can even create the impossible chord combination structures, or the most difficult, complex chords in the world by yourself, and don’t have to worry about not knowing how to play chords anymore. Even better, it allows you to transform a chord in any position to an easier chord position in order to better suit your ability. Of course, best of all, you can type in a chord name to search for and learn any chord anytime and anywhere, without going online.

As one of the rare auxiliary tools for guitar learning, Billion Chords are especially useful for new guitar players, because many chords are hard to remember at one time. With its help, we are able to quickly and accurately query the guitar chord fingering chart for all types of guitars, grip positions and playing techniques. .

// Key Features //

  • Ability to find any chord possible
  • Ability to construct any chord by choosing the abbreviations on a list
  • Ability to listen the chords sound
  • Ability to change the sound by choosing an instrument
  • List of all synonyms of each chord
  • Drawing of the chord along the virtual fret diagram
  • You can choose a common tuning
  • You can change to your personal tuning
  • Find chords and omit barre chords
  • Display only easy chords
  • Choose the max distance between your fingers
  • Choose the maximum fret # to display the chord charts
  • Ability to display to left-handed chords
  • Change the bass note for any chord
  • More than 1 Billion combinations available
  • Omit 5 and omit 3 in any chord
  • and much more!

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Billion Chords multilingual full versions along with all versions universal keygen for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Installation Notes //

for v1.0 English version:

  1. Download and run Billion Chords
  2. Enter “Activate Billion Chords/Enter Activation Code
  3. Run keygen, type the serial number to keygen to generate your activation code
  4. Use the activation code to register
  5. Restart program
  6. Done

// Prompts //

  • If you get a serial number with length of 9 characters, you can try the following method:
    • Clean the registry by the name of program, and the next program launch will generate the serial number with 8 characters’ length.
  • But if you can not find any registry item about Billion Chords, that means you are using the latest v1.0.0.0 from official site. Although the version number is exactly the same, but the one from official site has changed to use a new serial number generation algorithm (with just little change), that’s why it always generates 9 characters other than 8 characters on any version of Windows as before. But do not worry, AppNee provides the former v1.0.0.0 that generates only 8 characters’ serial number.

// Download URLs //

Language Version Download Size
English v1.0 602 KB
Chinese reserved 574 KB


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