[v9.2] C64 Forever – All-in-one Commodore 64 8-bit home computer emulator

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When Commodore 64 (AKA: C64, CBM 64) was launched by Commodore International in 1982, it immediately set industry standards for the 8-bit home computer. Its low cost, excellent graphics effect, high-quality sound and 64 KB of extra physical memory quickly established it as the winner in the home computer war, thus beating out its many competitors such as Atari, Texas Instruments, Sinclair, Apple and IBM.

C64 Forever is a classic, excellent and professional C64 hardware simulator that allows user to perfectly simulate the entire operating environment of C64 on modern computers. It comes with an intuitive player interface, and is supported by a built-in database containing more than 5,000 C64 game entries. It shares the same RetroPlatform family of players, databases, and content management components with Cloanto‘s another very successful product series – Amiga Forever.

As a once fashionable home computer in antique grade, Commodore 64 shocked the video gaming industry and sparked cultural phenomenons in the computer art field such as computer music and demoscene. Now, with help of C64 Forever, we can not only experience the operating system of Commodore 64 computer, but also play many classic C64 games at that time.

// Key Features //

  • Emulation of C64 hardware (allows you to run C64 software on your PC)
  • Additional emulation of other CBM 8-bit systems: PET 2001, CBM 3032, CBM 4032, CBM 8032, VIC 20, CBM 610, C16, Plus/4, C128 (40-column and 80-column) and more
  • Optional integration with Amiga Forever (if installed)
  • More than 200 preinstalled games and demoscene productions
  • One-click play support for thousands of downloadable C64 and other 8-bit games, demos and applications
  • Sophisticated input options include Unicode-enabled keyboard and clipboard integration, virtual keyboard and virtual mouse, and physical and emulated game controllers (standard USB and Xbox devices, arcade joysticks, customizable keyboard layouts to play joystick games with a keyboard and vice versa, etc.)
  • RP9 Title Editor allows you to create and edit content for playback on the local system or elsewhere
  • RP9 Toolbox to convert between RP9 and other popular formats (D64, T64, etc.) and to export to devices (hardware-based emulators)
  • RetroPlatform Library includes title and configuration data for more than 5,000 C64 games, with online updates
  • Preconfigured and enhanced VICE emulation engine with auto-updates
  • Special features and gallery of items of historical interest
  • Build Image tool to create personalized CD ISO images or portable runtime environments
  • “Now Playing” updates and manual status posts to Discord, Facebook and Twitter
  • Direct screenshot uploads to Facebook and Twitter
  • Gorgeous support for high-DPI displays
  • Much, much more…

// Universal License Keys //

Version License Key
  • 29670-90011-16315-59751
  • 29640-54386-27436-83909
  • 29697-82626-28811-03115
  • 29636-59921-75037-69792
  • 29663-69327-18594-65547
  • 29697-58226-17395-03372
  • 29655-71530-60753-75418
  • 29627-96633-64886-15804
  • 29645-58640-97082-39028
  • 29684-11821-98349-08615
  • 33537-12608-34521-77775
  • 33502-09725-06312-39498
  • 33547-32375-59402-23422
  • 33508-57704-80238-69987
  • 33552-15457-98374-56416
  • 35537-87208-23967-14298
  • 35509-00353-24604-71602
  • 35556-07298-15871-63533
  • 35598-01905-94372-37133
  • 35597-04983-73297-25024
  • 38251-55004-00354-92660
  • 38273-98203-05400-05890
  • 38271-09577-68533-06787
  • 38286-67202-55349-48478
  • 38248-55464-46514-90025
  • 38271-77309-24611-89301
  • 38277-95427-23607-83587
  • 38285-79279-19954-12655
  • 38294-33307-20102-93539
  • 38287-41368-23883-21156

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the C64 Forever Plus Edition multilingual full installers and all versions universal license keys for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit.

// Installation Notes //

  1. Download and install C64 Forever using the corresponding license key above
  2. Done

*** You’d better turn off the automatic updates feature from About menu.

// Related Links //

// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
Express Edition (free) Latest n/a
Plus Edition v2013.2.6 reserved n/a
v6.9.3 reserved n/a
v7.2.17 reserved n/a
v8.3.0 reserved 131 MB
v9.2.1 133 MB


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