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Code Complete, Second Edition (AKA: Code Complete 2) is a classic about software construction, first written by Steve McConnell more than 20 years ago. This Second Edition is not just a simple revision and supplement of the first Edition, but completely rewritten, and increased a lot of content keeping pace with the times.

Code Complete, Second Edition covers all details in the software building process. From perspectives such as software quality and programming ideas, it detailedly discussed each problem of software builds, as well as new technologies following the trends, forward-looking views, general concepts, and contained abundant, typical application examples. So we can say, no matter what kind of background the reader has, reading this book would help you write better applications in a shorter period of time, much more easily.

For programming, it is important to draw lessons from others’ successful experiences, especially those best practices. And most often, this makes the differences between novice and expert programmers. Fortunately, Code Complete, 2nd Edition told so many valuable experiences one by one, so as to make them obvious and readable. Even very often, you may excitedly think a loud when reading it. In a word, anyone who wants to learn software development should remember to read this book some day.

// Table Of Contents //

  • Part I: Laying the Foundation
    • Chapter 1. Welcome to Software Construction
    • Chapter 2. Metaphors for a Richer Understanding of Software Development
    • Chapter 3. Measure Twice, Cut Once: Upstream Prerequisites
    • Chapter 4. Key Construction Decisions
  • Part II: Creating High-Quality Code
    • Chapter 5. Design in Construction
    • Chapter 6. Working Classes
    • Chapter 7. High-Quality Routines
    • Chapter 8. Defensive Programming
    • Chapter 9. The Pseudocode Programming Process
  • Part III: Variables
    • Chapter 10. General Issues in Using Variables
    • Chapter 11. The Power of Variable Names
    • Chapter 12. Fundamental Data Types
    • Chapter 13. Unusual Data Types
  • Part IV: Statements
    • Chapter 14. Organizing Straight-Line Code
    • Chapter 15. Using Conditionals
    • Chapter 16. Controlling Loops
    • Chapter 17. Unusual Control Structures
    • Chapter 18. Table-Driven Methods
    • Chapter 19. General Control Issues
  • Part V: Code Improvements
    • Chapter 20. The Software-Quality Landscape
    • Chapter 21. Collaborative Construction
    • Chapter 22. Developer Testing
    • Chapter 23. Debugging
    • Chapter 24. Refactoring
    • Chapter 25. Code-Tuning Strategies
    • Chapter 26. Code-Tuning Techniques
  • Part VI: System Considerations
    • Chapter 27. How Program Size Affects Construction
    • Chapter 28. Managing Construction
    • Chapter 29. Integration
    • Chapter 30. Programming Tools
  • Part VII: Software Craftsmanship
    • Chapter 31. Layout and Style
    • Chapter 32. Self-Documenting Code
    • Chapter 33. Personal Character
    • Chapter 34. Themes in Software Craftsmanship
    • Chapter 35. Where to Find More Information

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