Cube Media Player – Sony PlayStation 1, 2 audio/video file extractor and player

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Cube Media Player is a tiny app used to extract audio files (game music) and video files (game animation) from PS1/PS2 game discs, made by erben from China. It was developed based on MPC (Media Player Classic), designed for realizing the reading/conversion of TV game media files on PC.

As a player that is able to read and scan the media files in a large proportion of DC, PS, PS2 and Xbox game CDs on PC platform, Cube Media Player not only can convert these unusual media file formats into the common ones that PC supports well, but also supports searching and direct playing the audio and video formats (XA, STR, SS2, CRI, ADX, PSS, SFD, VAG, AFS, VAS, WAVE, CDDA, etc.) supported by most home game consoles. Only a few very special media file formats cannot be converted (but can be played) by this tool.

Note that: unlike common media players on the market, Cube Media Player is specially designed for those enthusiasts who like to use game emulators to play video games on a PC and want to extract and collect the classical background music or video clips in games; or the game developers who want to port a game console work onto the PC platform.

// Key Features //

Platform Features
  • Support XA audio search, playback and conversion of PS game
  • Support STR video search, playback and conversion of PS game
  • Support SONY ADPCM (SS2) audio search, playback and conversion of PS2 game
  • Support CRI audio (ADX) search, playback and conversion
  • Support PS2 game video (PSS) search, playback and conversion
  • Support CRI (SFD) video search, playback and conversion of PS2 game
  • Support searching within all types of audio and video files
  • Support scan and export of PS2 no-file disk (such as FFX series)
  • Support video effects (such as GT3, GT4 series of video split screen correction, etc.)
  • Video effect settings
  • Audio equalizer
  • CD audio search, playback and conversion

// Supported Audio Formats //

Format Description
XA audio play and search (PS1) SONY ADPCM format
STR audio play and search (PS1) SONY ADPCM format. STR is the video compression format used on PS console, and its sound part uses the same compression and storage technologies as XA
VAG audio play (PS1) SONY ADPCM format
SONY PS2 audio file (PS2) SONY ADPCM and PCM formats, extension name is SS2, commonly used as the audio in a compressed PSS video file
AFS file package (PS2, DC) AFS format that may contain ADPCM audio of CRI
VAS and AFS file packages audio play (PS2,DC) VAS SONY ADPCM audio pack
ADX audio file play (PS2,DC) CRI ADPCM format
WAVE file play (PC) Microsoft wave file
CDDA audio play (PS1) Optical disc digital music (digital play)
PSS video play and search (PS2) PS2 MPEG2 video format
SFD video play and search (PS2) CRI MPEG2 video format

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Cube Media Player full program and universal keygen for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Installation Notes //

  1. Download and extract program
  2. Run Cube Media Player, and click ‘Registration
  3. Use the universal keygen to generate your own registration code to register
  4. Done

*** The registration code is generated according to your machine code, copying it to use elsewhere won’t work.

// Prompts //

  • Make sure the program path only contains English characters, any symbol (even a ‘.’) will cause it to give the “Cube Media Player has stopped working” error.

// Download URLs //

Version Download Size
v2.05.0117 Final 353 KB

(No Homepage)

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