DisplayX – Handy LCD/LED monitor display test wizard

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DisplayX is a small display equipment conventional detection and bad point, delay time detection application, it supports all Microsoft Windows platforms. With DisplayX you can detect how the quality and performance of LCD/LED monitor exactly is. If you want to buy a new monitor, i suggest you take DisplayX within your USB, it will help you a lot, to pick out a good display product for you!

LCD/LED monitor testing is different from the ordinary CRT monitor, besides the colour and other conventional detection, still need to use all sorts of pure color screen to help find out the bad point which is the main defect of LCD/LED monitor.

Delay Time testing is usually the meaning of black/white response time, this response-time a very important index for the LCD monitor performance. The “Delay Test” in DisplayX lets you accurately measure the LCD response time. Through different speed parameters, we check if the white box has a delay phenomenon.

Worthy to speak of that, in each of DisplayX test screens, there are some verbal directions, so do not have to worry about how to use DisplayX even if you know nothing about monitor testing.

[ Key Features ]

  • Monitor base test
  • Customize photo effect test
  • LCD/LED delay test
  • Assistant for find out bad pixel
  • Test multi-monitor
  • Assistant for adjust monitor

[ Supported Testing ]

  • Sharp
  • Interlace
  • Pure Color
  • Color
  • Focus
  • Geometry
  • Breath Effect
  • 256 Grayscale
  • Grayscale
  • Contrast Ex
  • Contrast

[ Tips ]

Left-click on the screen when testing to continue to the next test.

[ Download URLs ]


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