FBackup – Totally free and automatic file/data backup tool

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FBackup – Totally free and automatic file/data backup tool

FBackup (full name: Free backup software) is a totally free file, data backup & restore software from Romania. There have been quite a few backup software now, while FBackup's particularity lies in that it supports the backup of so many popular applications' configuration files, and allows users to manually write configuration plugins for specific programs (in XML format) as need.

FBackup comes with simple and straightforward interface, provides wizard for beginners to perform file backup and recovery. For backup job with a large quantity of data, you can choose to compress the backup files as a ZIP format, so as to save disk space. And, it also allows you to set password for the compressed file in order to protect your backups. In addition, FBackup supports multi-threaded tasks, local area network (LAN) backup, multiple backup tasks performed regularly, file types filtering (selective backup depending on the type of file), and many other practical backup functions.

At last, let me emphasize one thing: although FBackup supports full/image backup mode, it is not recommended to use it for full system backup (disk image backup). Instead, FBackup is more suitable for backuping the configuration files of various applications (through plug-ins) and a few important files at any time.

FBackup – Totally free and automatic file/data backup tool

// Key Features //

  • It's free for personal and commercial purposes
  • Automatic backups
  • Backup with standard zip compression
  • Exact copies of files
  • Protection against WannaCry & other ransomware
  • Easy to use
  • Run actions before/after backup
  • Automatic updates
  • Multiple backup destinations
  • Backups in the Cloud
  • Backup plugins
  • Backup open files
  • Multiple languages support

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