[v2.12] Fences – Desktop shortcuts & icons automatic organizer

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[v2.12] Fences – Desktop shortcuts & icons automatic organizer

Stardock's Fences can be regarded as one favorite of computer users with OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder). If you're used to place many files or shortcuts on desktop, then Fences is absolutely a good helper should not be missed. It can reorganize your desktop icons in a perfect order, thus greatly improve your daily work efficiency.

[v2.12] Fences – Desktop shortcuts & icons automatic organizer

As an automatic desktop icons grouping & classifying software, Fences can create multiple independent and customizable (group, block, location, size, color, appearance, etc.) translucent fences or containers, where it will intelligently, automatically organize all icons (of files, shortcuts) on your desktop.

Simply speaking, Fences can keep us keep our desktop clean, beautiful, neat and orderly, so that make sure it won't look like a mess any more. And don't worry, Fences doesn't replace your existing desktop, its essence is just an additional widget attached to the desktop.

[v2.12] Fences – Desktop shortcuts & icons automatic organizer

// Key Features //

  • Use your desktop to organize all of your stuff
  • Make your desktop a portal to your files
  • Create fences on your desktop
  • Hide/show desktop icons with a click
  • Access contents of any folder in a "fence" on the desktop
  • Swipe to access multiple screens of "fences"
  • Automatically organize icons based on name, type or other criteria
  • Customize the color, look and feel of your "fences"

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Stardock Fences Professional Edition full installers, unlocked files and patcher for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Installation Notes //

  1. Install Fences
  2. Make sure it's not running
  3. Copy the 3 unlocked files (SDActivate.exe, sddlc.dll and sddlc64.dll) to Fences's installation directory and overwrite
  4. Run and apply patch
  5. Done (a restart may be required)

// Tips //

An interesting feature: double-click on desktop, you can hide all icons; double-click on desktop again, they can show again.

// Download URLs //

Professional Editionv2.12[v2.12] Fences – Desktop shortcuts & icons automatic organizer12.6 MB


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