FxSound – Successor of the classic and popular DFX Audio Enhancer

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From version 13, DFX Audio Enhancer (DFX for short) changed its name to FxSound Enhancer (FxSound for short). It comes with improved functionality, new user friendly and sleek interface design, places an emphasis on simplicity and aesthetics, makes it easier to customize your listening experience. And most of all, it keeps the awesome improved sound quality for all your PC audio devices.

As a professional audio effect enhancement auxiliary tool, FxSound Enhancer can significantly improve the tone quality of any sound you hear from a computer (it is said that it is capable of enhancing the sound quality three times), regardless of the source of the sound is music, movie, game, or voice call. By optimizing the algorithm of outputting sound, FxSound Enhancer can make audio files with low quality sounds more stratified, and allows you to get unusual auditory experience through simple adjustment.

Besides, as the outstanding one among all similar DSP audio effect plug-ins, FxSound Enhancer supports any applications that can make a sound, from a web browser playing the audio/video stream to any kinds of multimedia players. And, it comes with strongly customizable equalizer, music and speech patterns, and a variety of customizable presets, including: 3D surround sound, heavy bass, stereo sound field, high-fidelity reduction, dynamic enhancement, optimization for headset, spectrum analyzer, etc.

// Official Demo Videos //

// System Requirements //

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable Packages

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the FxSound (Enhancer) Pro/Premium/Plus Edition full installers and unlocked files for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

FxSound is now 100% free and unrestricted!

// Installation Notes //

for v1.1.x:

  1. Download and install FxSound (if you already have the program installed, delete the following file first)
    • C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Roaming\FxSound\FxSound.secure
  2. Exit program
  3. Copy the corresponding unlocked file to installation folder
  4. Run program, and click ‘Login here
  5. Input any email you like, and click ‘Submit
  6. Done

*** If it says “Settings file not found!“, you need to have permission to access this folder “C:\ProgramData\FxSound\“.

for v13.028, v1.0.5+:

  1. Download and install FxSound
  2. Exit program
  3. Copy the unlocked file to installation folder and overwrite
  4. Done

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// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
Freeware Latest n/a
Premium/Plus Edition v13.028 Final reserved 3.65 MB
FxSound 2
Pro Edition v1.1.12 Final reserved 7.61 MB


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