Grid Systems in Graphic Design HD Sacnned PDF

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Grid Systems in Graphic Design HD Sacnned PDF

Grid system is part of the Objective Typography and Design movement originated in Switzerland. However until 1981, some specialized design theory guide book was published - which is Grid Systems in Graphic Design. It has been selling like hot cakes since it came out (this has already been 36 years). It has been regarded as a visual design bible for graphics design, font layout and space design.

Grid Systems in Graphic Design begins with introduction to the theoretical basis and objective of grid system, then the detailed steps of building a grid system. After discussing the paper size, font selection, column width, row spacing, page margins and page numbers, Josef Müller-Brockmann further expounds more detailed elements in the grid system. In addition, it uses a special chapter to collect many international famous graphic designers' works to introduce the specific applications of grid system.

If you want to reasonably and functionally use the grid system, you have to carefully study all the principles of grids. As long as do not mind troubles, any designers who have studied the grids will find a truth: With help of the grid system, we can more quickly solve all kinds of problems in the design, so as to make the design more functional, logical and have more aesthetic feeling on the vision.

Grid Systems in Graphic Design HD Sacnned PDF

// Highlights //

  • One of the most important books in the field since over 30 years
  • Comprehensive overview of grid systems
  • Exact directions and instructions
  • Covering all grid systems that are needed
  • Made by a professional for professionals

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