Hiren’s BootCD PE – Most powerful, professional and popular WinPE in history

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Hiren’s BootCD (HBCD for short) is a well-known, very popular and reliable bootable CD-ROM with a full set of commonly-used Windows and DOS system maintenance tools (only including free and legal software). But it has stopped updating since 2012. Hiren’s BootCD PE is one of its enhanced PE edition developed by fans users, which also can be seen as its an unofficial successor.

Hiren’s BootCD PE includes partition adjustment, MBR repair, BIOS management, hard disk cloning, antivirus, data backup/recovery, hardware detection, password reset, and many other kinds of tools for repairing your computer failures (especially when the system fails to start due to a virus attack or system file damage). It enables users to solve all kinds of computer problems only with this PE in hand, therefore it is very popular with computer maintenance personnels and system administrators around the world. This PE edition supports UEFI booting, and automatically tries to install drivers like graphics, sound, wireless and Ethernet card for your hardware. As a result, you can have a better user experience and connect to Internet via WIFI or Ethernet network.

Hiren’s BootCD PE is currently the most classic, most powerful, and most popular bootable tools disk you can find on the Internet. The utilities it contains that can work under DOS and PE or with network/Internet are too numerous to mention one by one. If you are a system administrator or computer technician, then I think Hiren’s BootCD PE will be a very helpful and handy edge tool for you. With it in hand, you will no longer need to keep several dozen disks with programs for different purposes, and everything can be obtained in this single one package.

// Contained Tools //

Category Tools
BCD-MBR Tools BootIce v1.3.3
EasyBCD v2.3
Hard Disk Tools – Data Recovery CheckDisk GUI v1.2.0
Lazesoft Data Recovery v4.0.0.1
Puran Data Recovery v1.2.0
Puran File Recovery v1.2.0
Recuva v1.53.0.1087
Runtime GetDataBack for FAT v4.3.3
Runtime GetDataBack for NTFS v4.3.3
Runtime GetDataBack Simple v5.0.0
Runtime NAS Data Recovery v4.0.0
Runtime RAID Reconstructor v4.4.0
Runtime RAID Recovery for Windows v4.0.0
Hard Disk Tools – Defrag Defraggler v2.22.33.995
Hard Disk Tools – Diagnostic GSmartControl v1.1.3
HDDScan v4.0
HDTune v2.55
WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostics v1.31
Hard Disk Tools – Disk Explorer Runtime Captain Nemo v7.0.0
Runtime DiskExplorer for FAT v4.3.2
Runtime DiskExplorer for Linux v4.3.6
Runtime DiskExplorer for NTFS v4.3.2
Hard Disk Tools – Imaging Acronis TrueImage 2018 build 11530
AOMEI Backupper v4.1.0
Lazesoft Disk Image & Clone v4.0.0.1
Macrium Reflect PE v7.1.3196
Runtime DriveImage XML v2.6.0
Hard Disk Tools – Partition Tools AOMEI Partition Assistant v7.0.1
Macrorit Partition Extender v4.9.3
Hard Disk Tools – Security HDD Low Level Format Tool v4.40
Windows Recovery Lazesoft Windows Recovery v4.0.0.1
Other Tools FSViewer v6.5.0
Free Office rev 703
Sumatra PDF v3.1.2
7-Zip v18.05
ExamDiff Pro v10.0.0.6
HxD v2.0.0
Notepad++ v7.5.6
WinMerge v2.14
Removable Drive Tools CDBurnerXP v4.5.8.6795
Rufus v3.0.1304
Security – AntiVirus ESET Online Scanner v2.0.22
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware v2.2.1.1043
Security – KeyFinders ProduKey v1.92
ShowKeyPlus v1.0.6610
Security – Passwords Lazesoft Password Recovery v4.0.0.1
NT Password Edit v0.7
System Tools CPU-Z v1.85.0
GPU-Z v2.9.0
HWInfo v5.84-3450
Speccy v1.32.740
TechBench ISO Downloader v4.13
WinNTSetup v3.9.0
Attribute Changer v9.0
CCleaner v5.43.6522
Change Keyboard Layout v1.0.0
Dependency Walker v2.2.6
Registry Backup v3.5.3
Regshot v2.0.1.70
SysInternals Suite
Windows PowerShell v1.0
Network Aero Admin v4.5
Teamviewer v6.0.10511
Acrylic Wi-Fi Home v3.3.0
Chrome v67.0.3396.62
Mozilla Firefox v60.0.1.6710
PENetwork v0.59.0.4
…. ….

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// Download URLs //

License Product Version Download
Freeware Hiren’s BootCD PE Latest
Hiren’s BootCD v5.0 ~ v15.2


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