[v9.0.3] iMindMap – Mind mapping tool famous for hand-painted function support

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[v9.0.3] iMindMap – Mind mapping tool famous for hand-painted function support

Mind mapping is an effective way to express human radioactive thinking. It values both diagrams and words, uses the hierarchy figure to illustrate the relationship between various topics. By building memory links using the topic keywords with images, color, etc., such kind of software can make full use of the law of human brain memory, reading and thinking to help people unlock the infinite potential of human brain.

iMindMap is a famous mind mapping, brainstorming and project planning software developed by the inventor of mind map - Tony Buzan from Middlesex. Due to featuring free lines and freehand sketching features, it gains the favor of the masses. Unlike similar tools, iMindMap not only comes with the convenience of digital mind maps, also has the beauty of hand-drawing style.

As the world's first 3D view of mind mapping software, iMindMap claims to be the ultimately creative digital mind mapper. It is especially suitable for brainstorming, course/conference recording, task/project planning, activity projecting, program managing, demonstration creating & rendering, and so on. It saves time and increases productivity, meanwhile, it also adds the originality to everything you do.

[v9.0.3] iMindMap – Mind mapping tool famous for hand-painted function support

// Official Demo Video //

// System Requirements //

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0+
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Packages

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the iMindMap Ultimate Edition multilingual portable full registered versions, full installers, unlock patches and detailed installation notes for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Installation Notes //

for iMindMap v9.0.3:

  1. First of all, completely uninstall any previously installed versions of iMindMap and delete the following 3 folders:
    • C:\Users\(username)\.Thinkbuzan
    • C:\ProgramData\JSoft
    • C:\ProgramData\ThinkBuzan
  2. Install 'imindmap9_windows_9.0.3a.exe', keep the window open where it says "iMindMap 9 has been successfully installed.", and do not launch it now
  3. Run 'iMindMap Trial Reset.exe' as administrator, then in the window it opens, press '1' and 'Enter', then close this window by pressing any key
  4. Repeat 'Step 3', this time press '2' and 'Enter'
  5. Repeat 'Step 3', this time press '3' and 'Enter'
  6. Go back to 'iMindMap 9 Setup' window and click 'Run iMindMap 9' button
  7. Accept the license agreement, then click 'I want a FREE Trial'
  8. Click "Register Now" and create a new account using any info you like
  9. Click 'Continue' and select your language
  10. Create a 'Capture' view with simple name (like '123'), then close iMindMap without saving this mind map
  11. Run 'iMindMap Patch.exe' as administrator and install it into your iMindMap 9's installation directory
  12. Repeat 'Step 11'
  13. Launch iMindMap 9, then close the 'Welcome' window by clicking the 'X' button at the top right corner
  14. Repeat 'Step 11'
  15. Launch iMindMap 9 again -> Import -> Continue -> wait 1 min....
  16. Open "Task Manager", end the 'iMindMap 9.exe' process
  17. Repeat "Step 3~5"
  18. Launch iMindMap 9 once more, and repeat 'Step 7'
  19. Sign in using your account -> select your language -> Import -> Continue
  20. Create a 'Mind Map' view, then close iMindMap without saving this mind map
  21. Repeat 'Step 11' - twice
  22. You can enjoy a fully activated iMindMap 9 Ultimate Edition now!

*** iMindMap 9's Trial Reset and Patch were provided by [email protected] from China, and the cracking tutorial was written by SoleWe.

*** For iMindMap v9.0.3 portable full registered version, just extract it to use - install the required system components first.

[v9.0.3] iMindMap – Mind mapping tool famous for hand-painted function support

for iMindMap v8.1.0:

  1. Download and install 'Setup-Reg-8.1.0.exe', do not run it now
  2. Run the unlock patch 'Fix-8.1.0.exe' as administrator and install it into iMindMap 8's installation directory (like: D:\Program Files\iMindMap 8)
  3. Launch iMindMap 8 -> "Agree" the license agreement -> select your language
  4. When it comes to "Welcome" window, close this window by clicking the 'X' at the top right corner
  5. Repeat the Step 2 once
  6. All done, enjoy!

for iMindMap v7.0.327:

  • Just extract to use, it's a portable full registered version.

// Prompts //

The installation of iMindMap is extremely complex, confused and requires you to pat out enough patience to try again and again.

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// Download URLs //

Ultimate Editionv10.x.xn/acomingn/a
v9.0.3Setup[v9.0.3] iMindMap – Mind mapping tool famous for hand-painted function support184 MB
Portable[v9.0.3] iMindMap – Mind mapping tool famous for hand-painted function support578 MB
v8.1.0Setup[v9.0.3] iMindMap – Mind mapping tool famous for hand-painted function support150 MB
v7.0.327Portable[v9.0.3] iMindMap – Mind mapping tool famous for hand-painted function support192 MB


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