[v9.0, v1.1] InPixio Photo Clip – Flawless digigal photo unwanted objects remover

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The vast majority of us are not professional photographers, as a result, it’s really difficult to shoot satisfactory/perfect photos – one of the biggest flaws is it often contains some unwanted objects. For this, we can use some tools to remove them, and thereinto, the better one is InPixio Photo Clip.

InPixio Photo Clip has 3 main functions: remove any unwanted objects; cut people out perfectly (background removal); create photo montages from your photos. Just after a few simple steps, through the ‘Before-After’ comparisons, you will be surprised to find that our so amateur photographs can unexpectedly have such amazing and flawless effects.

// Key Features //

Feature Description
  • Remove unwanted objects like magic
  • Remove unwanted people easily
  • Remove traffic lights, signs or wires
  • Remove scaffolding or shadows
  • Remove text, data, logos and watermarks
  • Cut out any objects from your photos
  • Even fine details such as hair can be removed with pixel-precision
  • Create unique portraits
  • Blue screen technique as used by the professionals
  • Create unique photo montages from your own pictures
  • Choose any background from the library or your PC

// Official Demo Video //

// Universal Product Keys //

Version User Name Serial/Product Key
v5.x.x AppNee Freeware Group.
  • 51D8-0311-K1WC-4W8F-3BVV-RA1K
  • 51D8-0311-K1WC-5WAD-3VKK-RAT3
  • 51D8-0311-K1YD-4WAD-3VB3-7J9B
  • 51D8-0311-K3YD-5XAD-BKB3-ZJ9V
  • 51D8-0311-K1WC-4XAD-BBVV-RUTK
v9.x.x AppNee Freeware Group.
  • G38FPW-7AF6BW-R7155B-NB0GMK-EY546Z-4PG859

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides you with the InPixio Photo Clip Professional Edition multilingual full installer, all versions universal license keys (generated from the Keymaker made by CORE = Challenge Of Reverse Engineering group from Germany) for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit, as well as pre-activated versions for Mac.

// Installation Notes //

for v9.0.2:

  1. Download and install program
  2. Add the following lines to your hosts file:
    • tools.avanquest.com
    • api.avanquest.com
    • aims.avanquest.com
  3. Launch program, and click ‘Activate the full version…‘ button at the top
  4. Click ‘Activate‘, and use the universal license key above to register
  5. Done

for v5.0.1:

  1. Download and install InPixio Photo Clip Professional full setup (while installation, disable Internet connection temporarily)
  2. Use any one license key above to setup and register
  3. Done

// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
for Windows
Professional Edition v5.0.1 reserved 71.2 MB
v9.0.2 Final 349 MB
for Mac
Professional Edition v1.1.7 Final reserved 111 MB

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If there is a password for an archive, it should be "appnee.com".
Most of the reserved downloads (including the 32-bit version) can be requested to reupload via email.