[v2.5.4] Jar2Exe – Convert Java program into executable file

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Java programmers must feel that making Windows desktop applications in Java is worse a lot than using almost any other programming languages. Software developed with other languages is mostly the EXE format by default, whereas for Java: the less one has to run under console, the better one can only run in the form of JAR file, even with no program icon to choose from. And the most terrible thing is anyone who unzips your JAR file can instantly take in all the source code of your program in a glance.

Jar2Exe is a very simple and practical JAR file format conversion tool developed by Sswater Shi (RegExLab) from China. It is able to wrap, run, protect and enhance your Java program into an executable binary file for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. It works by starting the Java virtual machine using the JNI (Java Native Interface) and providing other advanced functionalities on this basis.

Jar2Exe can convert multiple JAR files into a single executable binary for Windows and Linux platforms, thus making it more convenient to use software developed with Java in many ways: easier to run, safer to redistribute by encryption, more powerful by function enhancement, and avoids the hassle of starting with a batch file. BTW, Jar2Exe has started to support the conversion of JAR to executable file on Linux since version 2.0.

Jar2Exe can generate many types of executable files such as console program, Windows program and Windows Service program. And, the EXE file generated by Jar2Exe has many characteristics, e.g.: the generated EXE file allows to add program icon and version information; converting file to EXE format can improve the security of data inside, so the generated EXE file can play the role of encrypting and protecting Java programs, so as to ensure that it does not produce temporary files at runtime; other dependent JAR files can be included in the generated EXE file and run directly, which greatly improves the efficiency of using JAR files at runtime.

If you need a simple program for converting JAR files to EXE format, you can give Jar2Exe a try, because this application was created just for this purpose. After installation and launch, you can complete the conversion process in 6 simple steps. Plus, you can also generate a 64-bit edition of the executable file. The created EXE file also can display a tray icon, write to the event log, add icon to the desktop, and more.

// Key Features //

  • Find JRE on host by itself
  • Java version check before execute
  • Add an icon and version information to generated binary
  • Messages are customizable
  • Wide compatibility
  • Redirect System.out, System.err to a file or pipe
  • Show a splash screen when program is starting up
  • System icon tray supported
  • Set “Current Working Directory” with an absolute or relative path
  • Generated binary executive is configurable with rich configure items
  • Singleinstance and advanced singleinstance
  • Encrypt and protect java program to prevent it from being extracted
  • Run as Service without special coding
  • Depended jar files can be embedded into binary executive
  • Jar2Exe can run as a Wizard window or Command line tool
  • Context help

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Jar2Exe Standard/Enterprise Edition multilingual portable full registered versions for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

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License Version Download Size
Standard Edition v2.5.4 9.91 MB


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