[v1.6.5] KMSAuto Lite – Microsoft Windows and Office Universal offline activator

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KMSAuto Lite is the latest one up-to-date very powerful Microsoft Windows and Office one-click offline activation tool (KMS-activator), supports all VL (volume licensing) and RTM editions in any language (both 32-bit and 64-bit). Made by Ratiborus and Evgeny972 from Russia.

KMSAuto Lite can be regarded as the most efficient and advanced Windows & Office universal activator now, focuses many similar activators’ features in one. It has the super easy activation step with KMSAuto Easy (one-click) yet faster speed (about 10 seconds); powerful and additional functions ahead of Microsoft Toolkit (built-in practical Windows/Office editions converters) but one-tenth of file size (only 1.23 MB after compressed); as well as the easier and more reliable activation mode than KMSPico (no installation or .NET Framework required).

As for the built-in other tools (for most average users they all can be ignored), you can use them to install GVLK keys and configure reactivation task scheduler, access common administration tools, change/convert your OS edition (e.g.: Windows 10 Pro -> Windows 8.1 Pro; Windows 8.1 Pro -> Windows 8.1 Enterprise), delete unused Office updates, convert your Office 2010/2013/2016 Retail to VL…

// Supported Microsoft Products //

Windows Office Server
Windows XP Office 2010 Windows Server 2008
Windows Vista All Office 2013 Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows 7 All Office 2016 Windows Server 2012
Windows 8 All Office 2019 Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows 8.1 All Windows Server 2016
Windows 10 All Windows Server 2019

// Built-in Tools //

  • Separate Windows and Office activator
  • Windows/Office keys forcible installer
  • Windows/Office reactivation scheduler
  • 4 shortcuts for accessing administration tools
  • Windows Edition Changer
  • Office Edition Converter
  • Unused Office Updates deleting
  • Windows/Office invalid state resetter
  • Activation backup/restore
  • KMS-Service configurator and manager

// How To Use //

  1. You’d better close the UAC and Windows Defender first (non-required)
  2. Right click KMSAuto Lite and run it as administrator
  3. Choose to active Windows OS or Office by simply clicking the corresponding button
  4. Wait a few seconds, all done

*** If  encountered any strange problems, please read the NOTES.txt for more information.

// Download URLs //

Version Download Size
v1.6.5 32-bit + 64-bit 6.11 MB
v1.6.4 reserved 6.20 MB
v1.6.1 reserved 7.06 MB
v1.5.9 reserved 6.19 MB
v1.5.7 reserved 6.08 MB
v1.5.6 reserved 6.05 MB
v1.5.5 reserved 9.34 MB
v1.5.4 reserved 6.01 MB
v1.5.0 reserved 5.86 MB
v1.4.9 reserved 5.84 MB
v1.4.8 reserved 5.93 MB
v1.4.6 reserved 5.69 MB
v1.4.5 reserved 5.88 MB
v1.4.4 reserved 6.77 MB
v1.4.2 reserved 4.49 MB
v1.3.9 reserved 1.52 MB | 1.61 MB
v1.3.8 reserved n/a
v1.3.7 reserved 1.41 MB | 1.48 MB
v1.3.6 reserved 1.58 MB | 1.64 MB
v1.3.5.3 reserved 1.66 MB | 1.60 MB
v1.3.5.2 reserved 1.66 MB | 1.60 MB
v1.3.5 reserved 1.66 MB | 1.60 MB
v1.3.4 reserved 1.61 MB | 1.55 MB
v1.3.3 reserved 1.59 MB
v1.3.1 reserved 1.31 MB
v1.2.4 reserved 1.61 MB
v1.2.2 reserved 1.28 MB
v1.2.1 reserved 1.28 MB
v1.1.9 reserved 1.23 MB

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