Knights of Valour: Super Heroes Plus Hacked Edition ROM + Emulator

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Knights of Valour: Super Heroes Plus Hacked Edition ROM + Emulator

Said in front, about game hacking, we want to say, it is neither tampering with nor stealing from the original work. Instead, that is a kind of expression from players' need, in order to bring different user experience and more fun for some game. In other words, the game hacking is not wasting a game but extending it without limit.

This is a hacked edition of Knights of Valour: Super Heroes Plus made by a fan player 阿龙 (a modest classic game hacking amateur with creative and unique ideas) from China, based on the official Knights of Valour/Sangoku Senki ver. 117 and Knights of Valour/Sangoku Senki: Super Heroes Plus ver. 100. It is also known as 邪鳳天熾-武將爭霸 Special Edition, including 3 game modes.

In the "武將爭霸" mode, the only mission is to challenge the every BOSS. Again, you can get a "援軍令" each time you beat a BOSS, which allows players to become the corresponding BOSS. If you feel like a Knights of Valour master, then do give this hacked work a try.

// Hidden Difficulty Options //

  1. Enter OPERATOR SETTING to adjust the difficulty to hardest and exit
  2. Enter OPERATOR SETTING again and locate the cursor on the difficulty adjustment line
  3. On 2P controller, hit START, A, A, A, D, D, D, START in sequence, then the very hard difficulty will appear (or hit START, B, B, B, C, C, C, START, then the super hard difficulty will be added)

// Fan Made Demo Video //

// Download URLs //

Knights of Valour: Super Heroes Plus Hacked Edition ROM + Emulator (27.8 MB | No Homepage)

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