Mad Caps – Very creative and addictive elimination-type puzzle game

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Mad Caps – Very creative and addictive elimination-type puzzle game

Mad Caps is a very excellent and addictive elimination type of small puzzle game with absolute originality, distinctive style and pretty high playability. It was developed by MumboJumbo, and presented by GameHouse in 2004, old but classic.

Mad Caps is so easy to get started with and can be played over and over again. In addition to the classic mode, it also provides the exciting arcade mode, as well as the survival mode testing your endurance. I do believe that it will become one of favorites of the elimination game fan players.

The gameplay of Mad Caps is similar to another popular puzzle game from PopCap Games - Bejeweled, its design on animation & sound effects are fairly vivid and lifelike. Although the subject of whole game is just to flip caps, it adopts the oblique elimination method different from most similar games, which also brings players many new surprises.

Mad Caps – Very creative and addictive elimination-type puzzle game

// Key Features //

  • 3 exciting game modes: Classic Mode, Arcade Mode, Survival Mode
  • 3 difficulty selections: a little crazy, decidedly demented, completely mad
  • 7 crazy bonus caps
  • Dizzying array of kooky bottle caps
  • Fantastic music soundtrack and zany sound effects
  • Watch for under-the-cap bonuses
  • Zap caps with ray guns
  • Target caps with rockets
  • Let aliens transform caps

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Mad Caps portable full registered versions for Windows.

// Tips //

  • Replace mouse click operation with drag & drop

// Download URLs //

v1.0.2.17 FinalMad Caps – Very creative and addictive elimination-type puzzle game3.79 MB

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