Mini Recorder – Free and open-source tiny microphone recorder

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I myself have the habit of keeping a diary. However, I am increasingly unwilling to record diary in words (text format) – because that is too inefficient. In particular, some words are easy to say out but difficult to immediately organize into words and write on the paper or type out via computer keyboard.

And, because I am more and more certain that Windows built-in sound recorder not only is hard to use (for example: does not support shortcuts operation, has no pause button, only allows to save the recording as WMA format, does not provide real-time waveform display…), but also sometimes occurs strange functional failures. After doing some search, I found a few of sound recording tools that conform to the standards of collection of AppNee, and Mini Recorder is one of them.

Mini Recorder is a tiny (less than 50 KB) audio recording utility developed by Chekryzhev Vitaly (Чекрыжеву Виталию) from Russia. It is primarily used for convenient and fast speech/sound recording on Windows. Mini Recorder has a sufficient set of functions: multilingual UI, supports source switching through mixer, allows to limit the time or size of recordings, supports continuous recording, inbuilt event logging function, spy mode (secretly records sound in the background), and more.

It is especially worth mentioning that, the greatest feature of Mini Recorder is that it can initiate a recording flashily, which makes sure it’s already doing that at the moment of you need to start a recording – there is almost no time or steps required (done with shortcut key operation). Therefore, it’s very suitable for many sound recording cases such as recording from tuners, recording a conversation from a microphone, recording telephone conversations, listening systems, and so forth.

// Key Features //

  • Simple control of recording modes
  • The record manager displays record properties
  • The ability to quickly switch the source of the recording
  • Automatic dereferencing of files (by date and time)
  • Using audio codecs to compress audio data
  • Record delimiters allow you to set recording limits for both file size and recording duration
  • Continuous recording mode
  • Logs events
  • Stealth mode
  • The ability to manage the program from the command line
  • Support for 2 interface languages ​​(Russian, English). With your help, it is possible to add other languages.

// Supported Optional Commands //

Parameter Description
(parameter not specified) Start in standby mode. If the program was previously started, a corresponding error message will appear.
record Enables the recording mode. If previously the program was not started, then after stopping the recording the program will automatically be unloaded
stop Stops the recording mode if the program was loaded and the recording mode was active
setup Opens the application settings window
manager Opens the Records Management window
show Controlling the visibility of the icon in the system tray
exit Ending a running copy of the program

// Working Modes //

Mode Description
Continuous recording mode This mode is important when the recording time limits or file size are set. Upon reaching the delimiter, the program will continue to write to the next file without stopping.
Invisible mode In this mode, the program does not display the icon in the system tray. To return the program to the “visible” mode it is possible with the command: minirec.exe / show or the system message SendMessage (Handle, WM_SETMODE, 2, 0);

// Prompts //

Basically, the quality of the recording depends on the selected codec. You can record directly to MP3 if you select the Mpeg Layer-3 codec (after the recording, the file can be renamed to * .mp3). The more powerful the codec you use, the more processor resources will be requested.

// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
Freeware Latest n/a


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