miniGestures – Simple, clean and adequate mouse gesture extension for Chrome

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When users read web pages in a web browser, they often need to jump between various web pages, including clicking links, go forward, go backward, refresh the current web page, open a new tab, enter search engine, open the setting interface, and other operations. Although Google’s Chrome already provides buttons for most of these functions, many users would like to utilize custom mouse gestures to do this more efficiently.

miniGestures is very simple and small free mouse gesture extension program developed for Chrome web browser; while miniGestures [Reloaded] is a remake of the original work miniGestures made by AJ Ribeiro. It is ad-free and spyware-free, and supports basic mouse and rocker gestures: U (up), D (down), L (left), R (right), as well as their combinations.

AppNee always thinks one thing is right – Going beyond the limit is as bad as falling short. This is why we only add the “Editors’ Choice” tag for miniGestures, rather than those seemingly more powerful alternatives, such as CrxMouse, smartUp Gestures, Mouse Gesture for Google Chrome.

// Prompts //

  • New Tab page, internal pages (such as chrome://settings/) and any normal web pages that are not effectively loaded in later versions of Chrome do not support any mouse gestures.
  • For Mac and Linux users: double right click to open the context.

// Download URLs //

License Product Version Download
Freeware miniGestures [Original] v1.5 Final
miniGestures [Reloaded] v0.5 Final


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