Mpxplay – Command-style music player for DOS, Windows

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Mpxplay – Command-style music player for DOS, Windows

Sometimes, looking at the foobar2000 or other similar audio player with white characters on black background, I'm often curious about what program the people in the DOS time use to play music? What they look like?And I'm always a guy who misses the past, miss the classic.

So I just made a search in Google, then found Mpxplay, tried for a while, felt it quite interesting. For users with no special requirements, such audio player actually will be enough. Especially for enthusiasts who go after the performance and resource-saving alternative software, Mpxplay maybe makes them enjoyable.

Mpxplay – Command-style music player for DOS, Windows

As a lightweight, free and open source music player, Mpxplay already can support a wide variety of common audio file formats and playlists. The official site provides two editions (Commander-style console edition for DOS and Win32 operating systems; GUI edition for Windows 7 and higher with DShow video playing and translucent window effect) and several visual plugins for customization. Just choose as you like.

Maybe some folks will ask how the sound quality of this player is? The experience has taught us - in fact that really depends on the price (quality) of your earphone or loudspeaker and the quality of the music itself! Believe me, most of time it has little to do with the player software.

// Supported Files //

  • Audio: AAC, AC3, APE, FLAC, MP2/MP3, MPC, VORBIS, WMA, WV and CDW (Audio CD ripp'n'play); with plugins: DTS, MOD, SPEEX
  • Containers: AIF, ASF (WMA/WMV), AVI, MP4 (M4A), OGG, WAV, W64
  • Playlists: M3U, M3U8, PLS, FPL, CUE, MXU

// Prompts //

For more settings and parameters, please refer to the MPXPLAY.INI configuration file and the text files under DOCS folder - which all can be opened with Notepad!

// Download URLs //

CMD EditionGUI EditionPlugins
Mpxplay – Command-style music player for DOS, WindowsMpxplay – Command-style music player for DOS, WindowsMpxplay – Command-style music player for DOS, Windows


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