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After struggling to create a post dedicated to collecting and publishing various wallpaper collections, it’s now the turn of sound effects collection. AppNee is never willing to publish this type of post, because their resources are often so cluttered and difficult to be effectively and efficiently categorized, then be quickly published and shared. Anyway, it seems to me that this is just another challenging task that AppNee has to do.

This post will be responsible for collecting and publishing sound effect packs of various purposes (e.g., operating system sound, SFX for game development, mobile/SMS ringtones, post-production, etc.) for free download. The original source can be films/TVs, games, websites containing or providing any types of sound effects for demo or free download.

There is no doubt that this type of post can never be done in one go, but will be completed and refined little by little over a long period of time. In addition, if you have some spirit of sharing, you can share your collections of sound effect resources with millions of users all over the world via AppNee. They will benefit from this, and you will be able to enjoy the fun of sharing as well as making a name for yourself. In return, AppNee will accept and keep your desired homepage/personal webpage link in this post forever.

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Contributor Count Content Description Download Size
Usama Asif 2483 This sound pack include sound effects mainly from following games:

  • Aoe 3(All Expansions)
  • Aom (+The Titans)
  • Stronghold crusader
  • Stronghold 2
  • and a lot of sound effects downloaded from websites 151 MB
Anonym 1141 This sound pack contains all types af sound effects:

  • smoker
  • spitter
  • SSLA Sound Packs
  • tank
  • vegeta
  • weapons
  • boomer
  • charger
  • DBZ
  • gohan
  • hunter
  • jockey
  • Misc
  • …. 122 MB


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Most of the reserved downloads (including the 32-bit version) can be requested to reupload via email.