Pixels to Inches Converter – Convert pixel to inch/centimetre and vice versa

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Sometimes or in some cases, we may need to do some unit conversions among pixel, inch and centimeters, in order to satisfy the demands of the size in different units. For example, for printing photos accurately.

With Pixels to Inches Converter, you can easily and accurately convert the dimension of an image from pixel to inch, from inch to pixel or from centimeter to pixel, just to get its accurate and appropriate dimension unit for some kinds of use.

// Conversion Formula //

Unit Formula
Pixels to Inches inches = pixels / dpi
Inches to Pixels pixels = inches * dpi
Centimeters to Inches 2.54 cm = 1 inch

// Prompts //

All figures are rounded to 2 decimal places (you will have to work out the fractions of inches for yourself). Because you can not have part of a pixel (it’s all or none), this figure has been rounded up to the nearest whole pixel.

This means that when you reverse results (enter a number in pixels and convert to inches and then enter the result to get back the pixels), it won’t always match exactly. Any degree of error will only be in the magnitude of 1 or 2 pixels (0.01 inches).

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