Professional Android Programming with Mono for Android and .NET / C# HD PDF, EPUB

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Professional Android Programming with Mono for Android and .NET / C# HD PDF, EPUB

The Mono for Android launched by Novell is the industry's first solution using Microsoft Visual Studio to plan, build and develop Microsoft .NET based applications for Android platform. Professional Android Programming with Mono for Android and .NET / C# teaches you the Android application programming knowledge in a comprehensive and thorough way, including discussing how to combine the use of C# and Mono for Android to write applications run on all kinds of Android devices.

The entire book is divided into two parts. Chapter 1 ~ 4 mainly introduce the essentials for Android programming, key points of using Mono for Android, and some development experience on Android platform. Chapter 5 ~ 17 mainly explain some skills required to use in the development process. You can selectively read any chapter according to your own needs.

Prior Announcement:

  1. This book has been relatively outdated
  2. It was specially written for .NET developers who want to begin to set foot in the Android programming field. So, its purpose is to help you understand Android, not to explain in detail the knowledge about .NET Framework or C# language. That's to say, before reading this book, we assume that you have mastered the corresponding knowledge

Professional Android Programming with Mono for Android and .NET / C# HD PDF, EPUB

// Table Of Contents //

  • Chapter 1: Introduction To Android, Mobile Devices, And The Marketplace 1
  • Chapter 2: Introduction To Mono For Android 17
  • Chapter 3: Understanding Android/Mono For Android Applications 37
  • Chapter 4: Planning And Building Your Application’S User Interface 59
  • Chapter 5: Working With Data 105
  • Chapter 6: Binding Data To Controls 131
  • Chapter 7: Working With The File System And Application Preferences 183
  • Chapter 8: Programming With The Device Hardware 207
  • Chapter 9: Using Multimedia — Audio, Video, And The Camera 237
  • Chapter 10: Talking To Other Applications And Libraries 269
  • Chapter 11: Developing Background Services And Asynchronous Code 289
  • Chapter 12: Canvas And Drawables: Building Custom Android Graphics 323
  • Chapter 13: Working With Location Information 371
  • Chapter 14: Internationalization And Localization 393
  • Chapter 15: Sharing Code Between Mono For Android, Monotouch, And Windows Phone 7 417
  • Chapter 16: Preparing And Publishing Your Application To The Market 445
  • Chapter 17: Android Tablets 469
  • Appendix A: Tips For Developers And The Future Of Mono And Android 495

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Chapter 4 Code, Part 1, for Professional Android Programming17.27 MBClick to Download
Chapter 4 Code, Part 2, for Professional Android Programming91.30 MBClick to Download
Chapter 5 Code for Professional Android Programming46.51 MBClick to Download
Chapter 6 Code for Professional Android Programming26.79 MBClick to Download
Chapter 7 Code for Professional Android Programming12.39 MBClick to Download
Chapter 8 Code for Professional Android Programming18.54 MBClick to Download
Chapter 9 Code for Professional Android Programming2.94 MBClick to Download
Chapter 10 Code for Professional Android Programming87.03 KBClick to Download
Chapter 11 Code for Professional Android Programming155.25 KBClick to Download
Chapter 12 Code for Professional Android Programming25.60 MBClick to Download
Chapter 13 Code for Professional Android Programming113.63 KBClick to Download
Chapter 14 Code for Professional Android Programming2.65 MBClick to Download
Chapter 15 Code for Professional Android Programming97.62 KBClick to Download
Chapter 17 Code for Professional Android Programming38.58 MBClick to Download

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PDFProfessional Android Programming with Mono for Android and .NET / C# HD PDF, EPUB21.9 MB
EPUBProfessional Android Programming with Mono for Android and .NET / C# HD PDF, EPUB14.0 MB

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