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Programming Applications for Microsoft Windows, 4th Edition is a treatise explaining the internal mechanism of Windows operating system. Meanwhile, it is also the well-deserved and unfailing bible for Windows programming. It’s written by the esteemed Jeffrey Richter – the same author of another pinnacle work in the Windows programming field – Advanced Windows.

Starting out from the basic concepts, Programming Applications for Microsoft Windows completely and systematically described the underlying implementation mechanism of Window, all kinds of basic building blocks of application (including process, thread, memory management, dynamic link library, thread local storage and Unicode) and various of Windows API, etc. At the same time, it listed a large number of working examples, so as to brilliantly analyze all difficult and key points in Windows programming, and provides an effective shortcut for mastering the Windows programming techniques. For different levels of Windows programmers, this book has different great reference values.

With this monumental work in hand, you will find everything you want lies in it. For example, when come across some OS limitation problems in daily Windows programming, you can always find appropriate answers to them in this book; or for many obscure concepts about Windows programming, they also began to be clarified from this book (such as the essence of thread and process, the principle of Windows message loop, etc.). In short, every time you have problems difficult to solve, just remember to skim through this book, then your problems will most likely be solved instantly!

In the end, AppNee wants to remind everybody, Programming Applications for Microsoft Windows is not a Windows programming introduction book, but the advanced reading. So you need to let you know one thing – a lot of content in this book won’t the understood easily at the beginning – most of time, you have to read it over and over.

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