RunAsDate – Run a program only in specified date/time

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RunAsDate is a tiny tool developed to eliminate the limitation on use time of many shareware before registration, in order to make them keep in the state of trial all along, never expire. We can understand it like this: RunAsDate can ‘freeze’ a shareware with trial mode, and make it always run at a specific date/time every time it starts. In this way, we can make a trial software long live the new flesh.

The following mentioned usages of RunAsDate are not originally declared by its author Nir Sofer, they only represent my personal viewpoint. In AppNee’s opinion, in the field of software cracking, RunAsDate has two applications:

  • Solve the registration rebound problem of some shareware
  • Make trialware with time limit stay in the state of trial all the time/never expires (or continue to use after expiration)

Therefore, for those excellent software hard to find working crack resources, remember to try to ask RunAsDate for help. BTW, RunAsDate will not change the current system date or time. And, you can create a desktop shortcut for RunAsDate to run some software at a specific date/time, which is convenient for later use.

// Application Example //

Utilize RunAsDate to solve the rebound problem after activation of Astute Graphics plugin using X-Force keygen:

  1. Run ‘regedit’ in cmd.exe
  2. Press “Ctrl + F”, and search “” strings
  3. In search results, you can find the “InstallDate” value on the right panel, that’s Astute Graphics plugin’s installation date
  4. Run RunAsDate, select Adobe Illustrator’s EXE file in the “Application to run” field
  5. Set the “Date / Time” to Astute Graphics plugin’s installation date
  6. Click ‘Run’ or ‘Create Desktop Shortcut =>’
  7. Done!

// Tips //

You can utilize RunAsDate to extend the trial period of some software. But that’s not guaranteed, because many shareware authors are smart enough to deal with cases like this.

// Prompts //

  • Do choose the correct edition of RunAsDate (32-bit or 64-bit) according to your software edition
  • For many shareware/trialware, you’d better begin to use RunAsDate to start them before the end of trial period

// Download URLs //

32-bit 64-bit


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