SRS Audio Essentials – Ultimate audio effects enhancer for PC

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SRS Audio Essentials – Ultimate audio effects enhancer for PC

Undoubtedly, SRS Audio Essentials is the only best and ultimate audio enhancement software for personal computer. It can not only provide very clear stunning surround sound effects and mega bass effects, but also can be used for desktop speakers.

SRS Audio Essentials can enhance all audio (Movies, Games, Music, Voice Modes) on your computer. In addition, it also provides preset options giving you incredible sound from your headphones, laptop speakers and external speakers, as well as advanced adjustments for music buffs.

// Key Features //

  • Natural, HD-quality audio playback
  • Three dimensional surround sound
  • Heart pounding bass
  • Crystal clear vocals
  • Steady volume eliminates spikes
  • Sleek and intuitive interface
  • Personalized settings and complete control
  • Compatible with popular media players
  • Works with music, movies, games and much more

SRS Audio Essentials – Ultimate audio effects enhancer for PC

// About SRS Tech //

SRS is a patent audio technology researched by SRS Labs company in United States, according to the theory of Dynamics of Human Hearing System and Psychoacoustics.

SRS Audio Essentials uses the underlying technology of Windows operating system, in order to load itself into the system in the form of a driver. So no matter what kind of audio card or any media player program you are using, SRS Audio Essentials can provide 3D audio effects to your PC. Of course, if you have installed a professional audio card or you have a high-end speakers, then this software can be ignored.

// Edition Statement //

SRS has experienced three times big improvements: from the premier, most familiar to user SRS Audio Sandbox; to functions concentrated, UI simplified SRS HD Audio Lab; and then to current functions further improved SRS Audio Essentials.

From AppNee, you can get the SRS Audio Essentials v1.2.3.12 Full Installer, Crack DLL File and MS Hotfix for Windows 7 SP1 32-bit & 64-bit.

About the detailed installation notes, please see the 'Instructions.txt' in package. BTW, this software has not been tested if it will working all right on Windows 8/8.1 by AppNee.

// Download URLs //

VersionFull InstallerCrack DLL FileMS Hotfix


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