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SuperMemo is a very old software from Poland with 30 years of development history, and has always been used by many people to learn, memorize foreign language words or examination questions, etc. But properly speaking, it is an auxiliary memory software based on the scientific anti-forgetting algorithm, which can help you memorize anything with 10~50 times of improvement on efficiency.

Because the algorithm of SuperMemo conforms to the characteristics of human brain memory and oblivion, it can obviously and efficiently improve our learning/memorizing effect. That is, arranged by a certain algorithm, it scientifically distributes our learned knowledge to every time point on the forgetting curve according to certain rules (i.e. a review schedule). And provides timely review with you when some knowledge is about to reach its critical point on the forgetting curve.

The memory/working principle in SuperMemo is very simple: one question & one answer, all material is organized into a series of questions (Q) and answers (A). It gives you a score and level rating according to the accuracy of your answering questions. For the ones you can memorize well, the probability of their reappearance will become smaller than the ones you can remember firmly, just so much.

We can put SuperMemo as a software implementation of the Hermann Ebbinghaus‘s forgetting curve, its advantage is that we can make our own courses, and put text, image, audio, and such as these materials into them. Moreover, we are even allowed to transform the traditional textbooks we want to learn into SuperMemo’s courses (of course, that needs you to get their electronic editions) or download some learning materials produced by other SuperMemo users from the Internet.

BTW, you should remind yourself this: the usage difficulty of this tool that has become one of the world’s most scientific and effective auxiliary memory software lies in its getting started process (that may cost you a couple of months). But after that, you will be reliant on it in the use of scientific learning methods! In a word, using SuperMemo to learn, it’s just so hard to forget.

// 4 Main Purposes //

  • Tidy up your collection for various kinds of materials that you want to memorize or learn
  • Test your memory and make a report
  • Set up your own review and repeat algorithm/model (it can calculate the optimized review time interval for your learning material)
  • Save time (you don’t have to waste time to remember the things you have been very familiar with, so that you can achieve an amazing learning efficiency)

// Key Features //

  • Efficient learning
  • Knowledge Machine
  • Information management
  • Incremental learning
  • Priority queue
  • Element difficulty
  • Imports from the web
  • References
  • Levels
  • Rescheduling
  • Review calendar
  • Contents tree
  • Registries
  • Sleep analysis
  • Statistics
  • Programmable degree of recall
  • Various forms of knowledge tests
  • Subset operations
  • Element browser with table and thumb display modes
  • Workload management with tasklists
  • Time management with schedule planning based on proportional time allocations
  • Incremental e-mail processing
  • Learning timeline
  • Functions typical to other Windows software

// SuperMemo Versions Comparison //

Version Pros Cons
  • most expensive
  • complex
  • runs only in Windows
  • requires Internet Explorer
  • old learning material must beconverted to Unicode
  • expensive
  • complex
  • runs only in Windows
  • requires Internet Explorer

// System Requirements //

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0+

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the SuperMemo portable full registered versions for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

The SuperMemo series of software for PC are primarily SuperMemo UX and SuperMemo16, the main differences between them are as follows:

  • SuperMemo UX – Software is free to use, but charges for courses
  • SuperMemo16 – Standalone commercial software

*** SuperMemo UX has more friendly UI, simpler operation and richer multimedia question types support than SuperMemo16, as well as cross-platform support!

*** The UX is short for User Experience.

// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
Registered SuperMemo 17 2.32 MB
SuperMemo 16 2.34 MB
Freeware SuperMemo 15 n/a
SuperMemo 2008/14 33.1 MB
SuperMemo 2006/13 10.5 MB
SuperMemo 2004/12 2.86 MB
SuperMemo 98/9


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