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[v2.6.1] Visual Timer – Simple and modern cooking timer for Android

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Visual Timer (AKA: Visual Timer – Countdown) is a simple and user-friendly cooking timer with clean and modern UI, developed by Christoph Wiesner from Austria. Besides cooking, it can also be used for work, education, daily life and other purposes.

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[v4.3.6] Kitchen Timer – Simple and practical kitchen timer

For people who are engaged in catering industry or love to cook, the mastery of cooking time is very important. One of the most common situations is losing track of time, which can lead to cooking failures and even more serious things, such as gas leaks, fires, explosions and other safety accidents. The traditional solutions to this are: Kitchenware comes with a timer (but this is rare and not very effective); Use a physical alarm timer (which is almost exactly the same as the former and basically has no practical effect); Mobile phone alarm (inefficient and not intuitive).

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