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[v6.0] Legoaizer – Create photo-realistic brick mosaics from picture

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Legoaizer is a very interesting and powerful image-to-mosaic conversion software. It can instantly convert common photos or pictures into a mosaic building blueprint composed of LEGO building blocks. Its working principle is to analyze the color layout of a picture, and then uses mosaics or LEGO bricks to match the overall appearance of the original image.

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ImageSorter – Visually and automatically sort masses of images

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ImageSorter is the world’s first image viewer application which can classify images automatically. Its purpose is to help you find the images that you forget which folder you put but remember what they look like. If you choose multiple folders, the images inside these folders will be arranged in accordance with the visual relationship, i.e. similar pictures will arranged together. In this kind of display mode, looking for a designated image will become much more easier. The selected images can be copied, moved or deleted (in the right-click menu).

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