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[v6.0] Wordaizer – Create word clouds from custom text file

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Wordaizer is a very interesting and cool words cloud creating software that is full of modern art atmosphere. It’s a distinctive capability- arranging and laying out the words inputted by user according to the outline of a specified image to generate a personalized text-based picture. It’s very easy to use – even for the first time using it, you can quickly become familiar with its operations.

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[v5.x] Textaizer Pro – Create text mosaics, text art and much more

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Textaizer Pro is a handy tool that enables users to utilize text, words to create paintings. It is able to extend your creativity and automate the literal painting creation process for creating real ASCII artwork in an efficient way. The ability of bringing user a brand-new text-to-art technology and experience makes it deeply loved by masses of users.

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