The Definitive Guide to CentOS HD PDF

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The Definitive Guide to CentOS HD PDF

CentOS (Community Enterprise Operating System) is a recompiled product based on RHEL's (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) open source. Because CentOS fixed a lot of known bugs on the basis of RHEL, compared with other Linux distributions, its stability is more trustworthy. This is the reason a lot of servers requiring high stability use CentOS to replace the commercial RHEL.

The Definitive Guide to CentOS is the first authoritative guide about CentOS Linux - an excellent Linux distribution serving small and medium enterprises behind the scenes. This book covers all major technical areas of CenOS 5, you can get a general idea from its Table Of Contents. Above all, it provides tutorials based on real-world tasks which are suitable for both practice and reference, as well as providential examples and hints & tips from author's experiences of CentOS in production.

In short, if you want to thoroughly study and master the CentOS, in addition to reading the Administrator's Guide documentation published by CentOS official site and CentOS Bible, another two recommendable books are CentOS System Administration Essentials and The Definitive Guide to CentOS.

The Definitive Guide to CentOS HD PDF

// Table Of Contents //

  • Introducing CentOS
  • Installing CentOS
  • Getting Started with CentOS
  • Using Yum
  • Using Apache
  • Setting Up Mail
  • Understanding DNS
  • Setting Up DHCP
  • Sharing Files with Samba
  • Setting Up Virtual Private Networks
  • Using Core Builds
  • Using High Availability
  • Monitoring Your Network Using Nagios

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The Definitive Guide to CentOS HD PDF (10.8 MB | Homepage)

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