[v1.8.8] URL Shortener & Admin panel – URL Shortening server script with powerful admin panel

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URL shortening makes a long URL short, easy to remember and to share with friends and others. URL Shortener & Admin panel (full name: URL Shortener with Ads and Powerful Admin Panel) is a lightweight URL shortening server script application developed based on PHP and MySQL. It has responsive UI, complete background administration panel and enough functions.

URL Shortener & Admin panel allows to set a wait time, provides very powerful admin panel, supports Google Adsense, has analysis support, full documentation, is powered by charts, supports multiple URLs shorten, supports pages of ads to earn money, and more. In addition, URL Shortener & Admin panel supports both single URL shortening and multiple URLs shortening at the same time. And it allows show 2 pages of advertisements before showing the original URL link. This feature will help users earn more money.

Compared to similar applications, the file size of URL Shortener & Admin panel is kind of small. Although it is not as rich and powerful in function as Premium URL Shortener, it has been enough to meet most of the user’s needs. In its powerful administration panel, user can manage everything from searching for links to managing social networks settings.

// Key Features //

  • You can set a wait time before showing the original URL
  • Very powerful admin panel
  • Support for adding new admins with different privileges
  • Social sharing features
  • Very customizable template
  • PHP/MySql powered
  • 2 pages of ads to earn money
  • LESS files and compiled CSS included
  • Fixed top navigation that collapses on scroll
  • Adsense, analytics support
  • Powered by 3 different charts show important data
  • Has a built-in search tool for links ( Admin Panel )
  • Close or open the site with a custom message in case of closing the site
  • A search feature for URLs for visitors
  • It offers 2 pages of Ads until showing the original URL (optional)
  • Choose between open the link in Pop-up window or regular window
  • A simple to use API

// System Requirements //

  • PHP 5.x
  • MySQL database
  • Mod Rewrite Enabled

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the URL Shortener & Admin panel full source code for Linux servers.

// Installation Notes //

  1. Decompress the zip file
  2. upload the content to where you want to install the script
  3. Create a database
  4. Open includes/config.php and edit the database details
  5. In your browser open yoursite.com/install and follow the instructions
  6. Edit the website setting inside the admin panel
  7. templates_c and admin/templates_c set permission to 755

How to upgrade:

  • It’s recommended that you backup your database before upgrade
  • in your browser open yoursite.com/install/upgrade.php and follow the instructions
  • Delete the install folder or rename it

// Related Links //

// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
Full Source Code v1.3 reserved n/a
v1.8.8 1.17 MB


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