[v2022 SP2, v2021 SP4] Vectorworks – Unique 3D design software with fully integrated BIM

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Vectorworks is a unique and world-leading CAD and BIM software for Windows and Mac Platforms, developed by Nemetschek Group from Germany in 1985. It is widely used by hundreds of thousands of designers around the world in architectural design, landscape design, lighting design, mechanical design, and many other fields. Although less popular than AutoCAD, it is the preferred tool for architectural and product industrial designers in Europe, America, Japan, and other industrialized countries.

Vectorworks is committed to developing Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) solutions that are flexible, versatile, intuitive and affordable, and provides a wide range of 2D mapping, 3D modeling, BIM and rendering capabilities for your architectural design and landscape design needs. It comes with designer-centric tools and features that give your workflow great degree of freedom, ease of use, and flexibility. And, using Vectorworks means that you will most likely not need to buy, learn or maintain any other software to meet your design needs.

Vectorworks offers a number of simple but powerful building and product industrial design tool modules, such as Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, and Fundamentals. The functions provided by these modules give it professional performance in architectural design, landscape design, stage and lighting design, mechanical design, rendering, and so on fields. In fact, its extensive and professional functions have been accepted by various industries.

By deeply integrating with BIM software, Vectorworks supports multiple technologies and approaches to integrate construction data into your design and report that data on demand. This doubtlessly brings high accuracy and productivity to your company. Its built-in collaboration tools make Vectorworks the right solution for both small and large teams and projects of all sizes. Also, the extensive import and export options enable Vectorworks users to collaborate with users of most other software as needed.

// System Requirements //

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable Packages
  • Intel(R) C++ Redistributables on Intel(R) 64

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Vectorworks multilingual full installers and unlocked files or unlock patch for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit, and Mac.

// Installation Notes //

for v2020 SP4+ on Windows:

  1. Add the following lines to your hosts file (or just run the ‘Block Host.bat‘ as administrator):
    • piracy.vectorworks.net
    • piracy.nemetschek.net
    • secure.nemetschek.net
    • installer.nemetschek.net
    • ec2web4.nemetschek.net
    • abouzars-g5.nemetschek.net
    • connect.vectorworks.net
    • notify.vectorworks.net
    • activation.vectorworks.net
  2. Download and install Vectorworks with the following serial number (do not launch program):
    • 2020:
      • VWEval-25-003F-31C2-E530
      • VWEval-25-003F-19C8-4CD1
      • VWEval-25-003F-DA2C-383C
      • VWEval-25-003F-8E38-878A
    • 2021:
      • VWEval-26-003F-31C2-E530
    • 2022:
      • VWEval-27-003F-31C2-E530
  3. Copy the unlocked file to installation folder and overwrite
  4. Done

*** You may need to block this program with your firewall.

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// Download URLs //

Version Download Size
for Windows
v2022 SP2 4.08 GB
for Mac
v2021 SP4 3.03 GB


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