[v24.1] VideoStudio – Award-winning video/movie editing tool

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VideoStudio (formerly called Ulead VideoStudio) is a heavyweight video/movie editor developed by a subsidiary of Canadian Corel corporation – Ulead Systems (友立資訊) from Taiwan, China. VideoStudio not only completely meets family or individual needs on video editing functions, but also can challenge any other professional video clipping software.

VideoStudio provides everything you need that professional video editing requires. Its omni-directional video editing process includes capturing, splicing, transitions, special effects, folding, subtitles, soundtrack, burning, etc., which are enough to enable you to make home video clips with Hollywood art & quality level from all directions. At the same time, as a full HD video editing program, it comes with professionally designed video templates, real-time effects with video studio level, elegant subtitles and smooth transition effects, all of which give your video editing skills a great leap forward in innovation, quality and grade.

Beyond all questions, VideoStudio is currently the most complete solution (from filming, editing, to sharing) for video clips editing process, also the most suitable for the general public (i.e. home users) to use everyday. Even novices are able to enjoy the fun of movie clips editing in a short period of time. Of course, it’s still not comparable with EDIUS Pro, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Vegas Pro and other professional video processing software. But the fact is, for a long time, VideoStudio has already won very good public praise from users all over the world for its simple operation, concise and straightforward UI, the most complete video coding formats support, unique and leading film editing environment, dizzying special effects for clipping, batch conversion function, and much more.

// Review from Free.AppNee //

It is well-known that , as a powerful video editing software, Corel VideoStudio (formerly known as Ulead Systems from Taiwan) not only conforms to the requirements of family or personal users on video editing function, it can even challenge any other professional-grade video editing tool.

Rely on concise UI and simple operation, it is regarded as a complete video editing solution for family, personal daily use. At the same time, as the most user-friendly DV, HDV video editor, Corel VideoStudio can not compare with the EDIUS Pro, Adobe PremiereAdobe After EffectsSONY Vegas Pro and some other very professional video processing software. But thanks to its simple, easy to use and very rich features, it has won a good reputation with very high popularity around the world.

// Official Demo Video //

// System Requirements //

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable Packages

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Corel VideoStudio Ultimate Edition multilingual full installers, update files and unlock patch for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit. Additionally, we also provide the universal keygens (mainly made by X-Force Team and CORE group) for all versions of Corel VideoStudio Pro Edition and Ultimate Edition.

// Ultimate Edition Universal Serial Numbers //

for Corel VideoStudio v22.x.x:
for Corel VideoStudio v21.x.x:
for Corel VideoStudio v20.x.x:

// Installation Notes //

for v24.0.1+:

  1. Disable your Internet connection temporarily
  2. Install VideoStudio by running the setup file under “\Full Installer\64bit\Ultimate\” (ignore 3 error notices at the end of installation)
  3. Install the update file (this step depends)
  4. Copy the unlocked file to installation folder and overwrite
  5. Done

for v23.0.1+:

  1. Disable your Internet connection temporarily
  2. Install VideoStudio by running the setup file under “\Full Installer\64bit\Ultimate\
  3. Install any update file (if any)
  4. Setup the activator or unlock patch
  5. Done

for v21.4.0/v22.3.0:

  1. Download and install the Retail Setup using the universal serial number above, do not launch program
  2. Install Update (if any)
  3. Execute the unlock patch (no prompt)
  4. (Make sure your Internet connection is active now) Run the Web Installer (VideoStudio201x_Installer.exe) -> select “Run VideoStudio as Trial” -> click ‘Next‘ -> ‘Next
  5. Input any registration info you like, and click ‘Next
  6. Close the following VideoStudio Download/Install window by clicking the red cross
  7. All done

*** You’d better block VideoStudio in firewall, and don’t apply any update!

for v21.1.0:

  1. Download program and extract
  2. Disable your Internet connection temporarily
  3. Install setup using the serial number above
  4. After installation, do not launch program
  5. Install the update now
  6. Copy the unlock patch to installation directory and run it (there is no feedback notice)
  7. Done

for v20.5.0:

  1. Download and install VideoStudio using the serial number above
  2. Copy the corresponding update files to installation directory and overwrite
  3. Double click the ‘Fix Product Version.reg‘ file to import
  4. Disable your Internet connection temporarily
  5. Run the unlock patch, choose “Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X10” from the product list, click ‘Generate Activation Code‘ button
  6. All done, enjoy!

// Warning //

The activator/unlock patch might be reported as FileRepMalware threat with high risk. Use VirusTotal to make a full, authoritative scan, and decide to use it or not by yourself.

*** Please remember: antivirus software is not always right, just be careful and use it at your own risk.

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// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
Ultimate Edition v20.5.0 reserved 1.09 GB | 1.11 GB
v21.4.0 reserved 1.69 GB
v22.3.0 reserved 1.33 GB
v23.2.0 64-bit 3.60 GB
v24.1.0 64-bit 3.61 GB
License Official Trial Installer Universal Keygens
Pro Edition
Ultimate Edition


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