[v7.0] VMware vSphere – Industry-leading server virtualization software solution

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VMware vSphere (formerly VMware Infrastructure 4) is currently the world’s leading server virtualization solution (including a series of products, of which ESXi and vCenter Server are used a lot), also the most stable and reliable cloud computing virtualization platform, developed by VMware. It can separate applications and operating systems from the underlying hardware, so as to simplify IT operations.

The core of VMware vSphere products suite is the virtual machine hypervisor VMware ESXi – the foundation on which other products rely. VMkernel provides CPU scheduling, memory management, and data processing for virtual exchange, so as to manage virtual machine to access the underlying physical hardware. vCenter Server can configure and centrally manage virtual machines, such as creating virtual machine templates, customizing virtual machines, and rapid allocation and deployment of virtual machines. In addition, VMware vSphere also provides features such as vSphere vMotion, vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS), and more.

Similar to Citrix’s XenServer, ESXi is a powerful virtual system that can be installed and run independently on a single host, also one of the platforms frequently used for server virtualization. Unlike other VMware Workstation software that we have seen before, it is no longer dependent on the host operating system. After ESXi is installed, we can establish remote connection and control via vSphere Client, then create multiple VMS (virtual machines) on the ESXi server, then install Linux/Windows Server OS on these virtual machines to turn them into virtual servers that can provide various network application services. In addition, ESXi also supports hardware virtualization at the kernel level, so the virtual servers running on it are as good as the ordinary hardware servers in terms of performance and stability, yet much easier to manage and maintain.

Before VMware vSphere came along, servers were structured like this: Only one operating system could be installed on a server. If the OS is Windows, and it uses only about 10% of the server resources, then the idle resources are not available to other operating systems. If it is used as a browser server, and we need an additional client server, then you will have to buy another server to do this. This has undoubtedly resulted in a huge waste of resources and increased costs. With VMware vSphere, the architecture of a server can look like this: It realizes the allocation of the underlying hardware resources of a physical server, making it possible to set up and run multiple operating systems on the same server.

// Main Applications //

Data Center Consolidation and Business Continuity
Simplify data center operations and management at scale, increase business efficiency, and decrease CapEx and OpEx through virtualization.
Enhanced App Performance and Hybrid Cloud
Take advantage of the latest innovations in hardware to turbocharge the performance of existing applications. Support new workloads and use cases, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. Balance workloads and prioritize resources to ensure top performance for your critical applications. Extend on-premises environments to vSphere-based public clouds, such as VMware Cloud on AWS, and enjoy a streamlined hybrid cloud experience.
Virtualized Big Data
Simplify your big data infrastructure management while making it more cost effective. VMware is the best platform for big data just as it is for traditional applications. Minimize downtime with uniform, cost-effective failover protection; easily organize, prioritize, and share data center resources; and provision virtual networking across multiple hosts and clusters from a centralized interface.
Legacy Unix to Virtual Linux Migration
Get high performance, enhanced availability, larger VM capacity, and disaster recovery capabilities when you migrate legacy Unix infrastructure to virtualized Linux. Move an entire running virtual machine from one physical server to another, without downtime, and gain rich troubleshooting capabilities, including rollback and recovery for patching and updating.
Application and Infrastructure Security
Secure applications, infrastructure, data, and access with a comprehensive, built-in architecture and a simple, policy-driven model. Protect apps running on vSphere using machine learning and behavioral analytics to monitor threats and automate responses. Get faster visibility and protection with a scalable solution, no agents to manage, and minimal overhead.
Containerized Modern Apps
Bridge the gap between IT and developers with vSphere Integrated Containers. Leveraging the core capabilities of vSphere, your IT teams can run both traditional and containerized applications side by side on the same infrastructure, without the need for additional tooling or training.
Support for Remote Offices and Branch Offices
Manage your remote and branch offices with little or no local IT staff. Enable rapid provisioning of servers through virtualization, minimization of host configuration drift, and enhanced visibility into regulatory compliance across multiple sites.

// Contained Components //

  • VMware vSphere
  • VMware vCloud
  • VMware vSphere with Operations Management
  • VMware vSphere Enterprise
  • VMware vSphere Standard
  • VMware vSphere Essentials

// Official Demo Video //

// Universal License Keys //

Product License Key
for v6.x
VMware vSphere 6 Hypervisor
  • MU0W2-2A302-48979-7V3X0-8PUQ4
  • 1G4H2-6HH01-089R9-5K8XP-2G8QF
  • NV652-6PJ06-M8439-PV070-0V0QF
  • 0V6W0-FT3EM-488V9-E83E4-9AK38
  • 0Z4M8-4DKDN-088C8-THCXP-AK214
VMware vSphere 6 Hypervisor for Embedded OEMs
  • JZ002-8429K-08428-F09G6-9YRM2
  • NG21K-FVJD6-480M8-UJ1ZH-0GA24
  • NG2HR-F411N-M89P0-M9CNK-3YAH8
  • HC2TK-FVKE2-H84V8-A39X2-2Z8K2
  • MA2W2-8939K-08099-MR250-0YA0A
VMware vSphere 6 Desktop Host
  • 1Y28U-DJ042-489V0-NUA7P-CGAQ6
  • 4F6JH-A714N-M8EU8-C3CQ2-AGRM6
  • HY698-2XHEL-H80G1-E9C50-17R28
  • HF2E0-8WKE4-089G9-4H9NM-1K0P4
  • 1U0TK-DZLD4-H8109-AV17M-A6RLA
VMware vSphere 6 for vCloud Service Provider Standard
  • 4V49H-DC154-48D68-JV85K-0UU28
  • HF45R-AY08K-08DV0-91A50-0GHL4
  • MU0J8-86H0P-489H9-L9CGM-AFH22
  • 0A4WH-80K8L-089L9-V317H-1FH2A
  • 5V48H-6U015-H88Y1-321ZH-0PUQD
VMware vCloud Suite 6 Standard
  • HA0R8-4GJ9J-08820-5C0EK-A2AK4
  • 0Y4JR-DC196-H85G1-V8A7M-ACU34
  • 5V2M8-DZK5Q-08039-QV0Z2-8YHL4
  • 1V040-AG15P-H80F1-WH9X2-07HPA
  • HG040-F3LD6-485T9-N00NP-2Z05F
VMware vCloud Suite 6 Advanced
  • MY4RK-D208P-H89V0-DC85K-3YUQF
  • JF6DK-28053-M8ED8-4K1NH-A7054
  • 1V45A-6139K-M89F8-U18X4-3PU6F
  • 4U04A-0T05M-480L8-222X2-1YR60
VMware vCloud Suite 6 Enterprise
  • NG4R2-2JK5K-M80X8-0T2QH-AC2K4
  • 0Y6XH-ATL4J-48E59-20154-36H58
  • 1Y6NH-4QJ01-H8001-GL25H-2GU62
  • 1A6MR-24LEN-08551-8K1EH-CF2Q4
  • 4Z018-2V0D3-H88T8-XA0NP-AQK66
VMware vSphere with Operations Management 6 Standard
  • HG60A-06005-M81M8-KHA50-0L8Q4
  • JY0XU-0F241-H8E50-73CQM-2VHH0
  • 0G65A-250EP-080U8-V80X0-07U0D
  • 0V0TR-44311-M89Z8-E33Q0-8YRLD
  • 4Y09H-2UJ10-084F9-Y12N4-1F268
VMware vSphere with Operations Management 6 Advanced
  • 0C2J0-A9LEJ-H84T9-NU9N6-CLHK6
  • 0C0WR-AKJEP-488U0-NV17H-2F8J6
  • 4A0H8-0X295-H8DM1-VL9G4-1UKM6
  • 0V2DR-4T0EL-480U1-4L85K-3KUH4
  • 1U490-2JL15-M8818-KH174-07202
VMware vSphere with Operations Management 6 Enterprise
  • JY2WK-6G10L-H81Z0-QUCZP-1Y842
  • 5Z6HK-61L00-M84A0-VR2GP-26UK4
  • 4Y2NU-4Z301-085C8-M18EP-2K8M8
  • 1Y48R-0EJEK-084R0-GK9XM-23R52
  • MF4M2-4RL8P-085L8-QVANK-8P832
VMware vSphere 6 Foundation
  • MU2RU-0U14N-088G8-8115K-2F216
  • JU010-FN18H-480A8-8C0GP-37808
  • 4Z418-2WK06-M80M9-HT2G4-AFR32
  • 4C090-8KL90-H8E10-8307H-3ZU16
  • HF0RR-4NKDQ-080Y1-5V8XH-87206
VMware vSphere 6 for Embedded OEMs
  • 4V09A-8RJDQ-080F9-7J2NP-CZRM4
  • 1Y002-FT057-480F9-AL150-9Q808
  • 4C2WA-0YH91-M8490-7V17H-23R0D
  • 4V2X0-65082-48909-HJ8X0-3ZRJ6
  • JF20A-63L43-M8EQ8-1ACQM-2LH16
VMware vSphere 6 Embedded Essentials
  • 0F410-A5H0M-088M0-01AG4-2PRL6
  • MU4MK-6D391-M81M1-Q0076-92038
  • 1U2R2-DAK17-M85G0-LJ8Q6-370N6
  • 1U0EK-8KLEK-H88C1-0RAXP-AF24A
  • MG4DA-6XHEQ-M8DD0-702NM-0GAL8
VMware vSphere 6 Embedded Foundation
  • HV2DK-AU10P-H8D79-698NP-1F0MD
  • 0Z0EU-0RH4J-H80P8-HC2ZK-2Z2LD
  • 5U2D0-66L5Q-M8D48-V98Q2-9LR20
  • 5Z4HH-0G20J-M84U1-8CCXK-8L8L6
  • 1Z2TH-67346-089P9-DJCZH-87022
VMware vSphere 6 Essentials
  • 4Z2NR-FW35J-08DE8-QR3ZH-3VAK6
  • MC088-4YJD4-H8EK1-282Z4-0QRNF
  • 5A4WH-4R116-H8038-KHA5H-AZA2D
  • HF4NK-D3LD6-485M8-HC0EM-82RJ2
VMware vSphere 6 for Retail and Branch Offices
  • JF6MU-0M38H-081K9-CC8EK-0QHH8
  • JC402-2L08J-481N1-RKAZ2-2QA12
  • NV2TH-41KD4-481W9-EU2EH-AQHL0
  • HC6R8-DTH9H-M8009-JR1Q6-032JD
  • HU20H-4HL9K-081H9-JL0EP-AYRKA
VMware vSphere 6 Essentials Plus
  • HU20H-DF2E4-488E0-EC3G0-1K000
  • HC088-6U1DN-08E98-3V9QK-07K60
  • 4F4H2-0X113-H8078-J29G4-0Q226
  • 0G2XU-A739J-M80N1-PJ9XK-AYH28
  • 5Z2JR-AN28N-48521-UU2X2-2Z872
VMware vSphere 6 Essentials Plus for Retail and Branch Offices
  • MV6RU-8E092-H88D9-FT85H-AUKN2
  • MU0XK-62H91-088J1-7085K-2PU6D
  • HF6N0-8THDQ-48100-1897M-2CH02
  • JY61R-AYJDK-H8DN0-DT276-CAA08
  • HZ4D0-8309J-08E98-18AG0-CPUQF
VMware vSphere 6 Standard
  • HU408-2VJD5-M84P8-YC8Z0-AP0Q2
  • JA24R-8H1EL-48D59-0H3G2-0C8M4
  • JY2W0-4N010-M8DN1-598Z6-9V00A
  • MA4D0-0Z202-H8421-GA8XM-CLKMD
  • NF6J2-002D4-H84C1-8KA5H-12A28
VMware vSphere 6 Standard for Embedded OEMs
  • NV2JU-2T09K-H84W0-891GP-C6KJD
  • 5Y2DA-AW28J-M88P9-QC0ZH-3FUJ4
  • JZ6MR-0ZH8H-M84L1-GL1QH-062M8
  • HY6NA-8HH45-489V0-L3CX4-2QK48
  • 0F4E8-4R0DP-484R0-5V372-932N2
VMware vSphere 6 Enterprise
  • 5C2JR-A2J1P-H89D0-1J870-2FA22
  • MY41R-48105-08109-NV3Q0-9URHA
  • NZ4D8-8YK5J-H85P1-5R2Q6-CVKHF
  • HU208-0118H-H84E8-LC256-9KK6D
  • 4A6M8-2V007-H80W0-6H3NM-AK24F
VMware vSphere 6 Enterprise for Embedded OEMs
  • 1Z088-673DP-H8DG8-VR9ZK-0ZHM4
  • MF2TU-4CJEP-48E40-AK170-AU0N0
  • 5F6NH-FM35H-080T1-YC852-AY01D
  • MG0H0-89H5K-H8EZ0-RC3G0-2Z8MF
VMware vSphere 6 Enterprise Plus
  • 1A2JU-DEH12-48460-CT956-AC84D
  • 1C20K-4Z214-H84U1-T92EP-92838
  • 5C6TK-4C39J-48E00-PH0XH-828Q4
  • MC28R-4L006-484D1-VV8NK-C7R58
  • 4A4X0-69HE3-M8548-6L1QK-1Y240
VMware vSphere 6 Enterprise Plus for Embedded OEMs
  • HZ0H2-AW342-48EH1-631QP-02R6A
  • JF0MH-D105H-081E1-KT174-3ZUP4
  • 4A28H-D1KE3-08EG9-ZKANP-9Q044
  • MC00U-81250-M8519-U32G6-0VHP0
  • 5F4TA-2NH03-485M1-CV3Q0-CQU58
VMware vCenter Server 6 Essentials
  • 5V48A-47L8L-48899-8A25K-0YHP2
  • 4F0RK-40H87-M85X1-6HC76-AAHN6
  • 0G240-40K94-08940-XA35K-37078
  • NG6W0-6L39L-489K0-D92N6-CLA6F
  • 1V08A-6D253-48D80-H115P-36RQD
VMware vCenter Server 6 Foundation
  • JF0XR-FG19H-H84F0-DKCEM-8F244
  • HA2TK-89253-H84U0-VR1X2-3AA58
  • 5Z6R0-DG35L-08111-899X4-3K822
  • JV4DA-FDK1L-080R1-T31E2-1P2L2
  • 4G2J0-0X307-M84W1-233GM-8G0LF
VMware vCenter Server 6 Standard
  • HV418-4KKE0-M8DX9-639Q0-02AM6
  • 1G6W2-AV0D5-H88Z9-A02NM-0LAH0
  • 0C69H-0ZK07-M89F9-LV37H-2LA52
  • 4G05A-6ZL15-480P0-18AZM-0Y8J0
  • MZ6WK-FL387-M88E8-A9172-CYA74
VMware vCenter Server 6 Standard for Embedded OEMs
  • 4Z6HU-02H97-H8DD8-ET8Z2-03U64
  • 5Y0JH-AM35P-M85P8-GJ374-128KF
  • 1V4T2-A7K05-H8541-FU2X2-9ZAQ0
  • 0A0RH-AGK9H-085P9-0A0X6-AGHLF
  • JA4E0-633D2-48E19-QVC56-3GUM4
Virtual SAN Standard
  • 1Z2XR-D8195-H8E79-1CC7M-1LR24
  • 5F0H2-0Q147-M8559-6K3N4-8Y2H8
  • 4F24A-8QJDN-488C8-5V97P-3AU18
  • HG290-2TKEQ-08400-511QH-13842
  • JY2WH-DU05P-48DL9-D38QP-22HQ4
Virtual SAN
  • JF28A-8RLDN-M8EP0-300E2-36UKD
  • NG2JU-0DH0H-48E98-LL2NP-1ZU0F
  • 5C2RK-6TJ07-08448-292N4-17A7F
  • 1C018-8NJ8N-M8970-838EM-9F020
  • 5A6XH-470DL-M8150-FJ870-AYRL0
Virtual SAN for Desktop
  • MA0TH-AXJ0J-48D01-W09Q0-CU83F
  • NG0X0-DH11Q-489Y0-YU2E2-AA0K2
  • 0F2N2-A3J40-M88C9-WK8NK-1C01F
  • MZ2H8-4LL9N-08D00-1J8ZK-C6A7F
  • 0V64R-AG01H-08190-FR0E2-12A38
for v7.x
VMware vSphere 7 Hypervisor
  • 4Y2X2-6YJEM-484Q8-1J270-8QHJD
  • NY05H-D7310-488U0-ER1Z6-2YU16
  • 0A2E0-DVH4K-08521-500ZP-1YH64
  • HA4XK-AW29K-M8DD1-P01EM-8QH6A
  • 4V2T2-6LJ00-M88E8-X9CZH-9QHP0
VMware vSphere 7 Desktop Host
  • 1G0DR-DC29J-084Y0-Q81GM-16UPD
  • MF6WH-44307-48EJ9-G38GP-0GK22
  • HZ4R2-4P011-M85E0-M2AZP-828H2
  • MC2NR-AA01P-M80V1-U115P-9YKKF
  • HG4E2-8518H-084X1-N9074-8V22F
VMware vSphere 7 for vCloud Service Provider Standard
  • JF68U-DUH04-489E1-J91ZM-1AH22
  • MV0T2-A5LEH-H80C1-TL1Z4-0U85A
  • 4F6R8-0NJ47-H8DJ1-6RANP-8YR28
  • MG4NA-6634K-M8811-MC97M-0PAH8
VMware vSphere 7 Foundation
  • 5Z488-6E1EL-48880-WH054-2FR5D
  • 1F68K-DYL55-084Y8-DHCQ2-12026
  • 0F08U-0J385-M8840-GJ37K-A723D
  • JZ24K-FP19K-48E40-GTAEK-9C83D
  • NZ2NK-FH28N-H80X1-62076-0PA4A
VMware vSphere 7 Embedded Essentials
  • 0Z6JA-AXKE2-48E69-2V3G6-1UR6F
  • MG4WH-4A157-M80W1-H82XP-AGRQ4
  • 4F4WK-2CH4N-M8461-Y12Q2-1Q0JA
  • JU2XU-D4187-48D88-MC3NP-0FKPA
  • 5G4WH-6410Q-H84D8-CJ9Q6-3U0Q6
VMware vSphere 7 Embedded Foundation
  • 4V69H-00KE1-484U9-K8874-CVA62
  • 1G450-8X0D7-H8DR9-YL0Q2-2U018
  • 1Y6MR-4FJD5-48E70-UTC7K-2P8Q4
  • 0V6RA-ARH80-484E0-MJA72-C7862
  • 4Z0M2-4D24Q-48859-TTANM-9KK14
VMware vSphere 7 Essentials
  • 5V4MA-FM29P-H80U1-VH27M-83UP2
  • MU488-AGHDJ-48DT9-E88NP-9CAPD
  • MC4J8-2K01N-08EP0-U0054-CA0KF
  • 4V2E8-D6H8L-H89A0-QA15H-968LD
  • 0Y6X2-A7H13-M8420-F22XP-3V8L8
VMware vSphere 7 Essentials Plus
  • 1G2X0-2G2E2-081A0-Z11XM-87K0F
  • NY41H-DT3D0-084M0-V3AZH-2Q2HF
  • 4V4NA-F83DL-H8568-FRAEM-27KJ0
  • 5C488-0U315-08931-FU8G6-1A8J6
  • NZ6NR-D0L0H-081N0-XT8E2-1A8N8
VMware vSphere 7 Standard
  • HY2X8-A02DJ-481Y9-C11E4-1A8Q2
  • 4A2W2-05057-H89K1-T0AXM-1Q2JA
  • 1Z4JH-89L1J-480K0-Z81X6-86HPF
  • 5Y4XK-4P3D2-089L1-G3054-23UPD
  • JZ482-6K0E0-H8561-2027H-8FA4D
VMware vSphere 7 Enterprise
  • MZ6RA-0YJD5-48838-503QP-870KA
  • 0Y0NH-FQJ9H-M8868-N205H-9VK56
  • 1C6TR-AHL0J-48879-PVCNK-1YR24
  • JG2W2-A3J96-08D88-HH2EP-1G056
  • JV0RR-D5JEL-M84M0-1U3NK-9201F
VMware vSphere 7 Enterprise Plus
  • 1G2JK-0FK94-089A8-ZH05K-C6072
  • 5Y6D2-0G1D0-H85H0-90AG4-97H40
  • MC65H-DPL13-48DN9-9A8GH-C3A50
  • MF498-8L184-081J8-43A72-CVH40
VMware vSphere 7 Enterprise Plus with Add-on for Kubernetes
  • 1Z4WR-D6K5J-08179-9L9XH-AUH5A
  • 4Z6H2-D538J-484P1-0U87H-12KQ6
  • 0V09U-AXK10-48440-3UCQ4-3AHJD
  • 0V6N8-42247-08050-NR95M-37H1D
  • MY6H2-FPL8K-H89F9-8K9Z2-3FKHF
VMware vSphere 7 Scale-Out
  • 1F2J2-DCHE2-080H8-N3154-2FH14
  • NY28U-6ZH0P-M8E60-109GH-2Z258
  • JY6ER-AGJE4-484M1-ZV152-0KHPF
  • NG0J2-ALJD5-M85F8-P82E6-1VK48
  • JU6TR-F8J8L-M84D1-1R0Z4-AK2NF
VMware vCenter Server 7 Essentials
  • MC6TK-440DN-M85X8-EV9ZH-8URL2
  • JU0EA-6Y1D0-48EP9-1C1XM-0Z204
  • HZ2H8-F1J87-H8DU9-GJ2E0-AU85F
  • JU4HA-AEJEP-H8988-CC15K-328L2
  • 0G6J8-4A216-H8DA9-411X4-0A0J4
VMware vCenter Server 7 Foundation
  • MY2MU-AFJ56-484G0-NH37P-1KHL2
  • 5G2J2-050E1-481W0-N8A74-CA2N4
  • JC64H-26J8K-08DC9-7U2EP-2CU46
  • MY0NA-2PL53-489G1-MJ0E6-CV0Q2
  • HG290-2A10J-08531-UL2XH-0AR46
VMware vCenter Server 7 Standard
  • NC0JU-64H5K-M8889-6J3EP-1Z072
  • 1A01K-2L09Q-48020-XC2XM-3CU74
  • 4F2E2-AUL5N-48951-ZR8N2-9606F
  • 4A2MK-4K15P-H8008-ALAX4-9Z8Q0
  • JG68R-4RL01-48511-MH054-9QK1D
VMware vSAN Standard
  • NZ0J2-8C216-485Q0-ER85M-ALA2F
  • 4F0H0-83KEP-H8918-3RAE6-0A034
  • 4A6XK-8MH44-M8D20-CVAX0-CPAQA
  • HF2EH-DA291-08DE0-Q38NP-CL2K8
VMware vSAN Standard for Desktop
  • MU052-87280-M8ET8-213GH-0YAN6
  • 4G0DU-A0L8J-48ET8-913Z6-1UKN6
  • JG6WR-AQ11K-480R8-58976-8ZRHA
  • 1Z4JR-8M141-H8DU8-9J1E2-CQA04
  • 5F60R-6Q34L-M81U1-YC2G4-AQ0M4
VMware vSAN Advanced
  • 5C08U-0P015-H85V8-KK95M-032ND
  • 4C6MA-8FL50-48848-FT9E4-A3A1A
  • 5Y4D2-F7347-M81Z8-7H3ZP-8FR38
  • NY49U-8M204-M8940-080X6-C626D
  • MY4DH-2G3E2-M85P1-PVCN2-92UJ8
VMware vSAN Advanced for Desktop
  • 1G6J8-F63EH-080J8-KL1Q0-AC264
  • 5V6NH-FHL15-M81V1-4H1QP-1VAH6
  • HV6H0-AT2DN-480Y0-DH0E2-2VKP4
  • 4U01R-8R186-48E10-EU0Q2-3C81F
  • 4Y6R2-DAH07-081J1-UHC74-0G8MF
VMware vSAN Enterprise
  • 5Z2D2-FYLE1-H8928-0L9X2-AP8QD
  • MF68H-APKDN-48921-389Z4-9303A
  • 1V058-26LEK-089Q9-012X4-1L01A
  • 4U0JK-0HK97-H85J9-6JCXM-AP01D
  • 4Y45H-8ZL5J-488C0-G10G0-1LRN0
VMware vSAN Enterprise for Desktop
  • MC29A-4E2E7-H81H9-UV0N0-9GH22
  • 5Y4X0-DPH91-M84X8-328NP-0GA1D
  • MY44K-0WLE4-M81D9-FR2NP-C2A42
  • HA652-2Q08H-088X9-V30GH-872H8
  • MU6T0-6PJ4Q-M8E28-FKANM-16R26
VMware vSAN Enterprise Plus
  • NY098-2A05N-H8DK8-TA15K-2KK66
  • 4Y20U-ADH4P-H85F9-TLA5M-1FU42
  • HV2NR-AL097-M8EZ9-9V9EK-CPRK0
  • 1U04R-85H40-48EN9-5L3Q4-82A5D
  • NY28R-89010-H8ER1-N995P-CKRJF
VMware vRealize Automation Enterprise
  • HU44K-6VJ53-08058-WVCE4-0F8ND
  • MV6TK-4J3E1-48018-GJ1N6-A604D
  • HF4D2-83006-48E89-U2CGM-3KUQF
  • MU4H8-0CH90-H81P8-M1952-3FH58
  • 0Y290-81K51-485W0-HUCG6-9K0QA
VMware vRealize Log Insight
  • 0G64K-45387-085L0-012XP-3U8PA
  • 4U6MU-4Q2EL-085X8-MA8X4-3ZR32
  • 5Y0D8-0Z09J-H8178-MT37P-1YA7D
  • NV4ER-4KH9Q-M89L9-XV1EM-9ZU46
  • HA0JK-D9102-H8DW1-312GP-9K0M4
VMware vRealize Network Insight
  • HY2XH-FT385-48890-DR0Z6-1Q2LA
  • 5F4D2-A8H0N-M8E40-681EP-9AH20
  • 5Y6DR-2AK4K-08EZ1-GJ3N0-93270
  • HV6W0-D0K47-084C1-01AG6-3K03D
  • 4U2JK-6LL8L-H8DZ1-UC0GH-23H2F
VMware vRealize Operations Manager 7 Enterprise
  • 4U2WH-D7K84-M8D20-G81XH-8C8H6
  • NC6RR-06314-M84C0-H1CQ4-86826
  • HC2W2-6808J-H88D8-AR0NP-2V8P0
  • NV4E0-F4H43-48950-M9C54-A3HHA
  • 0F0J2-6CJ5M-H84T0-T2AX4-ACU38

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the VMware vSphere multilingual full installers and all versions universal license keys for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit.

// Installation Notes //

  1. Download and install your desired VMware vSphere products from official site
  2. Use the corresponding license key above to register program
  3. Done

// Prompts //

  • Starting with version 6.5, VMware ESXi no longer supports vSphere Client to manage virtual machines. Instead, it starts to use the Web approach to manage.

// Download URLs //

Product Version Download Size
VMware vSphere v6.7 n/a
VMware vCloud Suite n/a
VMware vCenter Server n/a
VMware vSAN n/a
All Products v7.0  (torrent) 206 GB


If some download link is missing, and you do need it, just please send an email (along with post link and missing link) to remind us to reupload the missing file for you. And, give us some time to respond.
If there is a password for an archive, it should be "appnee.com".
Most of the reserved downloads (including the 32-bit version) can be requested to reupload via email.