[v1.7.0] Voice Again – Slow down any voice recording for clear transcriptions

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[v1.7.0] Voice Again – Slow down any voice recording for clear transcriptions

Reducing the playback speed of audio file enables us to listen carefully some specified sections of recordings with fast rhythm more easily. But it will be very difficult to transcribe it at the normal speed. Voice Again provides advanced speed control function for audio playback, which enables users to lower any voice recording's playback speed up to 10 times without altering the pitch.

Voice Again is a audio transmission and repeat playback software specially designed for rapidly analyzing and transcribing voice recordings. It can slow down or speed up the voice recording, so as to more easily listen to an interview or transcribe a dictation. In particular, its speed modifying algorithm is technically optimized for voice, in order to provide a higher definition.

Voice Again enables user to import all kinds of audio files into its project (including importing directly from CD Audio). The advanced noise reduction algorithm allows you to clean up the distracting background noise in the audio. The audio track view allows user to amplify the audio in a visual way, so as to provide better graphic details for recordings. Its navigation controls allow you to quickly scroll and select the specific location of the audio. Any the playback controls enable you to listen to any part the audio conveniently, and so on.

[v1.7.0] Voice Again – Slow down any voice recording for clear transcriptions

// Main Applications //

  • Transcribe an interview or dictation in a snap without missing the details
  • Analyze and review voice recordings at a wide variety of speeds

// Key Features //

  • High-quality speed-changing algorithms for optimal clarity
  • Change audio speed up to 10 times slower or 6 times faster
  • Morph the pitch of a voice up to 2 octaves
  • Sophisticated noise reduction for cleaner audio
  • Voice Clarity feature improves voice intelligibilty at any speed
  • Formant Correction feature for more natural sounding voices
  • Graphic audio display with zoom controls
  • Compatible with popular USB Foot Controllers
  • Fully customizable hot keys for lighting-quick navigation
  • Annotated bookmarks for rapid navigation
  • Import a variety of audio including WAV, MP3, OGG and WMA
  • Import Compact Disc Audio from your CD or DVD drive
  • Export audio to WAV, OGG or WMA

// Official Demo Video //

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Voice Again portable full registered versions for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Download URLs //

v1.7.0[v1.7.0] Voice Again – Slow down any voice recording for clear transcriptions3.61 MB


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