windowframe – Very creative small indie game, finished in 48 hours

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windowframe is an extremely creative 2D pixel-style small indie game developed using the GameMaker Studio game engine by Daniel Linssen (from Australia, famous for extreme game production) in 2016. It was made for LD35 (Ludum Dare 35) in 48 hours.

windowframe comes with abstract graphics style, minimalist game plot, and especially the innovation way of gaming. Its core gameplay lies in your flexible adjustment to the game window – move, resize, etc., in order to get the most favorable way of walkthrough. The trap settings in this game are pretty unique and so challenging that players need to be careful not to be deceived by the simple appearances.

In this adventure & puzzle type of tiny game, player’s mission is to manage to enter the Exit door. As for how to do it, that really tests and trains your abilities of spatial thinking and logical judgement. The operation of the entire game is equipped with instructions, and the traps design within each level is fully challenging, you have to be thoughtful in order to finally get to the destination.

// Key Features //

  • Features dozens of levels
  • Six different boss battles
  • Challenging puzzles
  • And lots of wall jumping

// Game Controls //

  • WASD/Arrow keys – move
  • W/UP/SPACE/CTRL – jump and wall jump
  • Left mouse button – shoot stakes at enemies, walls or window edges; skip through cutscenes
  • Hold right mouse button – pull pinned stakes toward you
  • Hold R or Shift – recollect all your used stakes
  • M – toggle mute
  • P – beat the boss; skip levels; change difficulty
  • ESC – exit game

// Fan Made Demo Video //

// Timelapse of Entire Development Process //

// Edition Statement //

All three versions (recommended, crazy mode, safe mode) have the same content, but change how the game is displayed. Just try the recommended version first.

// Prompts //

  • You can pull window edges toward you but you can’t push window edges away
  • You cannot pull edges while in the air and you cannot recollect stakes while moving

// Related Links //

// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
Free game v1.1.0 Final n/a


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