[v20.3] WinHex – Acclaimed hexadecimal editor for file, disk & RAM

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In the DOS era, we generally used the PCTOOLS5.0 to edit file code, but since the FAT32 file system came out, PCTOOLS5.0 was unusable. Seldom excellent file code editor appeared until this WinHex from Germany, which can be regarded as the best hexadecimal editor for file, disk & RAM after the former.

WinHex is famous for its small size, fast speed and powerful function. It can be competent for HEX and ASCII codes’ editing, multiple files’ search and replacing, general operation and logical operation, disk sector editing (support FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS), automatic search and editing, file comparison and analysis, data editing in RAM and many other editing functions.

In addition to the general hexadecimal editor as the core, WinHex can even specially used for computer forensics, data recovery (repair the damaged or recover the deleted files), low-level data processing and other senior security affairs. While for ordinary users, WinHex has been long acclaimed as an essential tool for software cracking, BIOS modification, etc., that’s because its handling capacity of hexadecimal data is unmatched even for the frequently-used UltraEdit.

// Key Features //

  • Disk editor for hard disks, floppy disks, CD-ROM & DVD, ZIP, Smart Media, Compact Flash, …
  • Native support for FAT12/16/32, exFAT, NTFS, Ext2/3/4, Next3, CDFS, UDF
  • Built-in interpretation of RAID systems and dynamic disks
  • Various data recovery techniques
  • RAM editor, providing access to physical RAM and other processes’ virtual memory
  • Data interpreter, knowing 20 data types
  • Editing data structures using templates (e.g. to repair partition table/boot sector)
  • Concatenating and splitting files, unifying and dividing odd and even bytes/words
  • Analyzing and comparing files
  • Particularly flexible search and replace functions
  • Disk cloning (under DOS with X-Ways Replica)
  • Drive images & backups (optionally compressed or split into 650 MB archives)
  • Programming interface (API) and scripting
  • 256-bit AES encryption, checksums, CRC32, hashes (MD5, SHA-1, …)
  • Erase (wipe) confidential files securely, hard drive cleansing to protect your privacy
  • Import all clipboard formats, incl. ASCII hex values
  • Convert between binary, hex ASCII, Intel Hex, and Motorola S
  • Character sets: ANSI ASCII, IBM ASCII, EBCDIC, (Unicode)
  • Instant window switching. Printing. Random-number generator.
  • Supports files >4 GB. Very fast. Easy to use. Extensive online help

// License Codes //

License Type License Codes
for Version 19.6+
Specialist Name: “WinHex 19.6-SR0”
Addr1: “Specialist License”
Addr2: “Only valid for this version”
Data: “3B6F7DFF88F471A48B9AB896BC8A468F”
Key: “B2354CF0DC4E2B87CDA8D8F14CF62754”
Cksm: “DE8C78B4”
for Version 19.2+
Specialist Name: “linholer”
Addr1: “[email protected]
Addr2: “Cracked by linholer”
Key1: “2E2230B055DD0D81535F1DDA6494C639”
Key2: “3C968E5C34332C6CFA85F0142A511EA2”
Cksm: “81369AE6”
Name: “linholer”
Addr1: “[email protected]
Addr2: “Cracked by linholer”
Key1: “2E2230B055DD0D81535F1DDA6494C693”
Key2: “3C968E5C34332C6CFA85F0142A511EA2”
Cksm: “4ECCD695”
for Version 18.7+
Specialist Name: “netprodiag”
Addr1: “[email protected]
Addr2: “FengYi Town”
Key1: “C86E93F6165659460FCFCA2438948E2B”
Key2: “CCBF5CC34BDC4BDFBFB49E00D2BE9715”
Cksm: “EBA50B8E”
for Version 18.7-
Personal Name: “AppNee.com”
Addr1: “[email protected]
Addr2: “AppNee Freeware Group.”
Key1: “F00014DC5A45575EF754A6D0CC536F4B”
Key2: “617FBA86F34BFB84741A1E1B2AD8A3B5”
Chksm: “AC”
Professional Name: “AppNee.com”
Addr1: “[email protected]
Addr2: “AppNee Freeware Group.”
Key1: “558369955A5C578CCD54FBEAE173CAC8”
Key2: “BD14C5CB8F3E345B220FCDF9DAF1D28B”
Chksm: “17”
Specialist Name: “AppNee.com”
Addr1: “[email protected]
Addr2: “AppNee Freeware Group.”
Key1: “512C4C6D5A7B5763FF54CF053293CE67”
Key2: “FF862D244C035F9FA96A4B47D07DFDB0”
Chksm: “88”
Forensic (downloadable only for customers) Name: “AppNee.com”
Addr1: “[email protected]
Addr2: “AppNee Freeware Group.”
Key1: “F967AB9B5A8057D71354A7EBE4F3662C”
Key2: “55A02F0DB87A40C2B91F4494826DC99E”
Chksm: “5B”
for Version 17.x
Personal Name: “160762”
Addr1: “xbk***@163.com”
Addr2: “HY 1607”
Key1: “D36410A75A4D575A7154908820534C2F”
Key2: “D11D2A6AA2339EC3B8F901A78FF11373”
Chksm: “F7”
Professional Name: “160762”
Addr1: “xbk***@163.com”
Addr2: “HY 1607”
Key1: “DE35688A5A0457DCB8548C9E7E73417E”
Key2: “5FEECD4E67BF919974FACB3D93A760AB”
Chksm: “BE”
Specialist Name: “160762”
Addr1: “xbk***@163.com”
Addr2: “HY 1607”
Key1: “B0D3F3345A0C57666F540BCB96932F98”
Key2: “C7B94E3FDEAD72D792F462EA4A6A2982”
Chksm: “37”
Batch Name: “160762”
Addr1: “xbk***@163.com”
Addr2: “HY 1607”
Key1: “17CE15BD5A6B5743B45406547AF38885”
Key2: “9AE73ECD3DD296178692B180A58C3DC5”
Chksm: “85”

// Edition Statement //

You can download WinHex Personal/Professional/Specialist Edition from official site and use the license keys to register (this only works for some early versions). Or you can use the portable full registered versions for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit instead.

// Use Instructions //

for v19.3 SR-4/v19.6+:

  • Just download and extract to use

for older versions:

  1. Download and extract the unlocked version
  2. Use the corresponding license key above to register
  3. Done!

// Related Links //

// Download URLs //

License Version Type Download Size
Specialist Edition v18.8 Register reserved 2.10 MB
v19.9 Portable reserved 5.26 MB
v20.3 4.28 MB


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