[v18.x.x] WinTools.net – Classic toolkits for system optimization

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[v18.x.x] WinTools.net – Classic toolkits for system optimization

WinTools.net is a toolkit (i.e.: tools suite) that contains a series of classic small applications specifically designed for improving the performance of Windows OS.

With these must-have and handy apps in one compact, intuitive UI, we can scan and remove unwanted software or duplicate files from system; clear away useless or invalid entries in registry; control the programs to be automatically opened when Windows starts; monitor and boost RAM Memory; improve the speed and stability of Internet connection; protect your privacy and confidential information safe; highly customize/tweak desktop functions; perform system settings in accordance with requirements, and so on.

[v18.x.x] WinTools.net – Classic toolkits for system optimization

// Build-in Tools //

  • Clean Uninstaller
  • Scan Files
  • Scan Shortcuts
  • Scan Registry
  • Startup Manager
  • Tweak UI
  • Net Tweaker
  • Your Privacy
  • Invisible Man
  • File Shredder
  • IE Favorites
  • RAM Memory Booster

// Universal Registration Keys //

VersionRegistration Key
forPremium EditionProfessional Edition
  • 8880696382126M2JH34L2M3UH
  • 3216870830678434UMY5NI8374
  • 2193395003337UK45YJKH6U8Y
  • 369139066541623DF4JT534JH5
  • 235979031889432746J9827456
  • 35918910122316WE4Y7F87YGIK
  • 9901251547995YEI785YJT7FE
  • 700895169271GJDKI5786GJK
  • 916019189716ISYJ654HK8F6
  • 17139121415214HJF75HF7J86
  • 7876632734272G7VYMOX87YVJ
  • 3005207633516OX87YVJMXC7Y
  • 1629819872181497JYDFKJ7YJE
  • 28583290066947JGKWE49J57GJ
  • 16967628558681F9VSDF78SWT7
  • 6003987853474HT8IJR6GY76R
  • 19339473533736W8E7RT98ST89
  • 41551396373992NF4J7WY90KFY
  • 41723834952357F4J7WY90KFY5
  • 428853257676964J7WY90KFY56
  • 1657207185577J7WY90KFY56O
  • 54037974155347WY90KFY56OK
  • 4850604271654272NY98732YM
  • 2828829990646972NY98732YM3
  • 96665377489192NY98732YM37
  • 10562518106855NY98732YM378
  • 30089834108661Y98732YM378Y

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the WinTools.net Professional/Premium Edition v16.x.x, v17.x.x, and v18.x.x universal registration keys for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Installation Notes //

  1. Download and install WinTools.net Professional/Premium from official site
  2. Use the corresponding registration key above to register
  3. Done!

// Prompts //

  • WinTools.net needs you to have the administrator rights. And before using it, you'd better close all other applications.

// Download URLs //

Premium EditionLatest[v18.x.x] WinTools.net – Classic toolkits for system optimization (mir)
Professional Edition[v18.x.x] WinTools.net – Classic toolkits for system optimization (mir)

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