Streamlet WarKey – Popular and smart key mapper for Warcraft III

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Streamlet WarKey (AKA: xlWarKey, 溪流 WarKey) is a popular key mapping and HP showing tiny app specially designed for Blizzard Entertainment‘s classic series of great game work – Warcraft III. It was written in C++ by Streamlet from China. Compared with similar software on the market, its advantages are very obvious. We recommend Warcraft fan players to give it a try.

In fact, there are many types of key mapping tools that come with different functions. However Streamlet WarKey pays more attention to the usability, and carefully makes a choice to the software functions. It strives to create a good helper for Warcraft 3 players. As to its advantages, you can see the following “Key Features” part.

BTW, Streamlet WarKey does not provide features that NeoN Maphack has, and its author never intended to do so. Players should use it in the appropriate occasions, especially in more formal matches, you should always follow the game rules. After all, playing a game is inherently for fun. Anyway, Streamlet WarKey will be of great help to show yourself in the classic Warcraft III.

// Key Features //

  • Do not need to remember key codes. Easy and intuitive
  • First to have multi-solution feature among similar software. You could switch to whichever solution seamlessly
  • Simple and nice UI, proper options, easy to use
  • Written in C++, runs faster, requires less resources
  • Recognize chatting smartly, won’t disturb typing
  • Map one key to several keys. Show yourself in game
  • Support scripting
  • More flexible setup

// Download URLs //

Version Region Download Size
v3.0 CN reserved n/a
v2.5 Final EN 35.2 KB
v1.2 Final CN reserved n/a