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[v16.0.1] Adobe Animate CC Portable Full versions in one

To a great extent, the decline of Adobe Flash is not the fault of the Flash technology itself, but because the known and unknown vulnerabilities of Adobe Flash Player are countless, very serious, and hard to prevent. As a consequence, in January 2016, this classic 2D animation authoring tool Adobe Flash Professional CC with 20 years of development history was officially renamed to Adobe Animate CC. At this point, the whole Internet formally started to weed Flash out (of course, the initiator is still Google Chrome).

VUE xStream – Realistic and natural environment creating & rendering tool

VUE xStream – Realistic and natural environment creating & rendering tool

VUE xStream (called VUE for short) is a three-dimensional landscape designing & producing software specially designed for artists and illustrators. It can perfectly work with 3ds Max, Maya, LightWave, Cinema 4D, Softimage and other 3D rending tools, so as to simulate all kinds of very lifelike natural environments. For example: Terrains, Vegetation, Ecosystem, Atmospheres, Natural Elements, Lighting, etc.

The Best of TV Animation Slam Dunk – Single Collection + OST in multiple audio formats

Slam Dunk is considered to be the noonday work of Japanese realism manga, its fame in the whole manga/animation world can not be overlooked. Especially when its TV Animation broadcasted around the world, it raised an unprecedented hot wave of basketball in adolescents. Believe that many 80 and 90's love to basketball might be based on the this animation. Thereinto, almost everyone who saw it must fell in love with its songs (including OP, ED and ES).