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Applications = Code + Markup CHM, HD PDF

WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) is a far more flexible and powerful way to develop desktop apps than the outdated Windows Forms technique. As a authoritative programming guide to Microsoft's newer Windows desktop programming technique, Applications = Code + Markup covers the principle of core technology, concept, skill and development practice in Microsoft WPF.

Responsive Web Design, 1st & 2nd Editions HD PDF, EPUB, MOBI

First of all, Responsive Web Design by Ethan Marcotte is a very good quick-start handbook (less than 300 pages) that suitable for readers who have certain CSS basics. When finish it, you will suddenly become extensive and know the responsive web design at your finger's tips from feeling very mysterious about it.

Essential C# 6.0, 5th Edition HD PDF, EPUB

Essential C# 6.0, 5th Edition HD PDF, EPUB

Essential C# has always been widely acclaimed as one of the must-read C# related classic books. The content throughout the book is comprehensive and systematic, and the structure is clear and concise. All was so carefully choreographed that the writing and examples are impeccable. In a word, it is seen as one of the preferred works for learning C# language.