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WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) is a far more flexible and powerful way to develop desktop apps than the outdated Windows Forms technique. As a authoritative programming guide to Microsoft’s newer Windows desktop programming technique, Applications = Code + Markup covers the principle of core technology, concept, skill and development practice in Microsoft WPF.

As one of the most best-selling and well-known programming books – the author of classic Programming Windows series, Charles Petzold, will teach you how to use C# and XAML (Extensible Application Markup Language) to develop WPF desktop applications in Applications = Code + Markup. With guidance from the leading expert, through hundreds of practical examples, you will finally learn to master the WPF programming technique, which can give full play to the potential of new generation of user interface and graphics technology in Windows.

// Table Of Contents //

Part Chapters
Part I: Code
  • Chapter 1. The Application and the Window
  • Chapter 2. Basic Brushes
  • Chapter 3. The Concept of Content
  • Chapter 4. Buttons and Other Controls
  • Chapter 5. Stack and Wrap
  • Chapter 6. The Dock and the Grid
  • Chapter 7. Canvas
  • Chapter 8. Dependency Properties
  • Chapter 9. Routed Input Events
  • Chapter 10. Custom Elements
  • Chapter 11. Single-Child Elements
  • Chapter 12. Custom Panels
  • Chapter 13. ListBox Selection
  • Chapter 14. The Menu Hierarchy
  • Chapter 15. Toolbars and Status Bars
  • Chapter 16. TreeView and ListView
  • Chapter 17. Printing and Dialog Boxes
  • Chapter 18. The Notepad Clone
Part II: Markup
  • Chapter 19. XAML (Rhymes with Camel)
  • Chapter 20. Properties and Attributes
  • Chapter 21. Resources
  • Chapter 22. Windows, Pages, and Navigation
  • Chapter 23. Data Binding
  • Chapter 24. Styles
  • Chapter 25. Templates
  • Chapter 26. Data Entry, Data Views
  • Chapter 27. Graphical Shapes
  • Chapter 28. Geometries and Paths
  • Chapter 29. Graphics Transforms
  • Chapter 30. Animation
  • Chapter 31. Bitmaps, Brushes, and Drawings

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