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[v2.1] Website 2 APK Builder – Transform your website to an Android app

With the popularity of smart phones, more and more websites began to be compatible with or even totally ported to mobile platforms. But AppNee insists that, instead of expecting users to open your web site via a browser on their phone, it's better to develop an independent, localized mobile app for our websites. This is the right and efficient way to get your sites land on a mobile platform.

Android Super Mario – Super Mario Bros.’s simple clone work on Android

Android Super Mario – Super Mario Bros.'s simple clone work on Android

Android Super Mario is a free fan-made Android game developed by Mahesh Kurmi from India. At first, it was just an exercise program throughout his whole learning process to Android game programming. With the deepening of learning, it was eventually developed into a complete and professional game for Android platform.

A Passage to India HD PDF, EPUB, MOBI

As the famous English writer E. M. Forster's master novel work, A Passage to India was created based on his real experience of two trips in India in the early twentieth century. The book was also known as the last traditional realism classic in the 20th century of Britain. Because it is clear that the traditional English novels is enveloped under the huge shadow of Charles Dickens all the time.