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As a writing with important literature value, The Pilgrim’s Progress became one of the most successful religious allegory in English literary works (without any narrow sectarianism). In the past 300+ years, it broke through the boundaries between nation, race, religion and culture, and swept around the world. So far, it has had as many as 200 kinds of translations around the world, and became the most widely spread book in addition to Bible.

The content of The Pilgrim’s Progress is roughly corresponding to the main stories in Old Testament and New Testament. It is not only a religious allegory, but also has the profound historical connotations that insinuate the history reality of society at that time. Importantly, in addition to religious and historical implied meanings, The Pilgrim’s Progress still has guidance or edification significance for modern people as a parable. We can get a lot enlightenment from this book, and this is very useful for solving many problems we are facing today.

BTW, although The Pilgrim’s Progress was welcomed by ordinary readers, yet as a literary work, its literariness had been questioned all long. Until the late 18th century, the society started to come up praise voice to it. Anyway, as a matter of fact, about 100 sentences or paragraphs in this book have been collected into the encyclopedia by Microsoft company as their “quoted passages of world literature high-quality goods”, which are favored by countless readers.

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