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The Official Raspberry Pi Projects Book, Volume 1, 2, 3, 4 HD PDF, EPUB, MOBI

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As the world’s favorite credit card-sized micro PC with endless possibilities, Raspberry Pi has become one of the three best-selling computers with a household name all the time. On the one hand, it serves to change the way computing is taught in schools around the world; On the other hand, it has become an edge tool for hacking and making incredible hardware and software projects. So, Raspberry Pi is being loved by worldwide educators and makers.

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The Official Raspberry Pi Beginner’s Guide HD PDF, EPUB, MOBI

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As a small, clever micro computer that was made with the same technology we can find in a smartphone, Raspberry Pi is packed with a lot of potential in practical applications. To be specific, it is designed to help user learn coding on a micro computer, discover how a micro computer works, and finally build your own amazing cool stuffs.

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Algorithms, 4th Edition HD PDF

Some computer science books are classic but not suitable for beginners, and some are the opposite. Donald Knuth‘s The Art Of Computer Programming probably belongs to the former condition, and Robert Sedgewick‘s Algorithms belongs to the latter. Of course, both of their algorithm analysis idea comes down in one continuous line, and they are all the classic and bestselling reference book in the computerized algorithm field.

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The Human Figure in Motion HD PDF

The Human Figure in Motion is a quite old but very practical book for learning animation. It was written by Eadweard Muybridge, and published by Dover Publications in 1955 (originally published in 1901). The whole book has a total of 390 pages (AppNee only has and shares its Photo Album part), contains a large number of decomposition materials for human motion, and can be used as a must-read reference book for standard body movements for both animation production professionals and enthusiasts.

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Put ‘Em Down, Take ‘Em Out! Scanned PDF, EPUB

Folsom State Prison is one of the safest, most guarded and most dangerous heavyweight prisons in the suburb of Sacramento, USA. Here, prisoners use a deadly weapon (dagger) rather than fists at the time of combat, without exception. As a result, the knife fighting techniques developed here are far beyond any levels you can meet on the street. Because the situations that these knife fighting skills are about to deal with are much more dangerous than any so-called dangerous situations you met in the street fighting.

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Deal the First DEADLY BLOW! Scanned PDF, EPUB, MOBI

Unarmed combat always emphasizes positive defense and offense: as long as taking the right defense & attack methods, you can almost always conquer the enemy. Hand-to-hand combat training has many benefits. First, it is a kind of sport for improving physical quality and strengthening build; Another, it can enhance your courage to struggle against the enemy while fighting them alone.

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PC Assembly Language by Paul Carter HD PDF

The assembly language is actually a strongly functional programming language, which can utilize all features of computer hardware and directly control them. As a machine language, corresponding to the high-level language compiler, assembly language also needs a assembler to compile its source code into executable machine code. As far as I know, there are at least two skills can not do anything without the basic knowledge of assembly language, they are reverse engineering (software cracking) and disk repair.

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