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CSS in Depth HD PDF

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CSS in Depth is a complete and clear guide, a CSS bible to keep up with the times, which will take you from novice to expert in the CSS field. The purpose of this book is to give the reader an in-depth understanding of the CSS language and a quick understanding of the new developments and features of CSS. Not only does the book have a well-explained concept introduction, but it also has detailed step-by-step examples that will help you improve your Web development skills and inspire your design so as to become a true Web development superior.

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Unity Game Tutorial: Pinball 3D

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Unity Game Tutorial: Pinball 3D is a step-by-step video tutorial created by Octoman for developing a fully functional 3D pinball game with Unity. The whole course consists of 9 sections, 68 lectures; the total video course length is 9 hours and 41 minutes; the video format is MP4, with the source files attached; the language is English. It’s specially made for Unity game development beginners.

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[v1.36.3] The Novel Factory – Powerful and comprehensive novel writing software

Writing a novel is very hard, yet writing a good novel is even harder. The Novel Factory is an innovative and simple novel creation/writing software from United Kingdom, specially designed to assist in all aspects of novel creation, from conception to publication. It makes the novel creation process as simple as possible by managing tedious and boring data and material, providing useful suggestions and tips at the right time, and providing motivations and useful resources.

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Building an FPS Game with Unity HD PDF

After selecting Building a Game with Unity and Blender for me to formally learn to use Unity to develop my own ARPG-like game, I also selected Building an FPS Game with Unity as the second tutorial book to be read, with which I intended to try to develop a FPS-like game of my own too. But the latter is not to develop the game itself, but to further learn to use Unity and apply the newly acquired skills to the development of my games as much as possible.

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Sams Teach Yourself, Unity Game Development in 24 Hours HD PDF, EPUB, MOBI, AZW3

As I was studying Unity game development, I found the official video tutorials extremely confusing and not suitable for real beginners. So I searched for Unity related tutorial books around and found Sams Teach Yourself, Unity Game Development in 24 Hours. Because I was very impressed with the books in the Sams Teach Yourself series, I finally chose this book as part of the next stage of learning Unity. Hopefully after that I could officially start my game development mission.

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Agile Web Development with Rails HD PDF, EPUB

Agile Web Development with Rails is the first masterpiece about Ruby on Rails! On a whole, this book not only comes with both intuitive examples and in-depth analysis, but also covers all aspects of relevant knowledge in the Web application development. Therefore, it can be regarded as a comprehensive book that explains profound theories in simple language, is suitable for primary and intermediate Ruby and Rails readers, and can serve as a reference manual for developers.

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Beginning C++17, Fifth Edition HD PDF, EPUB

C++17 is the latest informal name after C++14 for the next revision of the ISO/IEC standard of C++ programming language. It is based on C++ 11 (once known as C++1z), and aims to make C++ be a less bloated and complex programming language, simplify everyday use of this language, and make it easier for developers to write and maintain code. C++17 is a major update to the C++ language, introducing many new language features. For instance: parallel STL, Boost derived file system libraries, and so on. In addition, both GCC and LLVM/Clang effectively provide full C++ 17 support.

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