Ultra Assault – Raiden-inspired STG with high difficulty

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Ultra Assault is an old, classic Raiden-style 3D flight shooting PC game released in 2003 with multiple high gaming difficulties. AppNee suggests it to Raiden series‘ fan players, you should not miss it.

Ultra Assault had beautiful and delicate graphics (I mean in the early 2003), smooth operation; combined with realistic entourage of BGM and sound effects, they made the game give quite outstanding performance as a whole (I remind you again – it was at that time). In particular, its multiple difficulty levels option enables different grades of players to fully enjoy the fun in Ultra Assault.

// Key Features //

  • 6 huge levels, each with its own bosses to defeat
  • Classic 2D game play with full 3D graphics and effects
  • Dynamic soundtrack and powerful sound effects
  • Multiple configurable difficulty
  • Built-in complete level editor to make your own levels

// Game Controls //

  • Array key – move
  • Space/Z – shoot
  • C/V/X – use items
  • B – throw bomb

// Edition Statement //

This is the Ultra Assault v2.02 Final portable full registered version.

// Download URLs //

v2.02 Final58.6 MB

(No Homepage)