[v4.5] VSuite Ramdisk – Surprisingly speed up your computer

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VSuite Ramdisk is an excellent virtual memory disk creation software developed by Romex Software from France – the same author of Primo Ramdisk, designed to provide users with effective solutions to hard disk performance bottlenecks. It uses physical memory to virtualize a completely equivalent physical hard disk, which can greatly improve the reading/writing speed of files on the hard disk, and reduce the actual access times to the hard disk, thus extending the life of hard disk.

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[v5.3] Start Menu 8 – Bring back the classic Start Menu to Windows 8/8.1

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As is known to all, Windows 8 removes the traditional start menu, which makes a lot of old users unaccustomed. Although the Windows 10 Technical Preview has brought back this feature, before the Windows 10 officially released, for users are still using Windows 8/8.1, we still can use Start Menu 8 to get our long-expected start menu back.

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[v4.20] eBook DRM Remover – Popular eBook formats universal DRM batch remover

Several months ago (when you see this post, at least another 3 months have passed), I was searching for an electronic edition of the classic book Visual Basic 6 Bible, and finally found it at Archive.org. However, not only did it take weeks to borrow, but also the finally downloaded ebook is a scanned and encrypted (with DRM protection) PDF file – which means it cannot be opened using any PDF reader other than the Adobe Digital Editions – the only book downloader & reader specified by Archive.org.

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