[v10.3] NetBalancer – Internet/network traffic monitor, analyzer and controller

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Nowadays, a lot of software secretly uploads and downloads data in the background after installation, which even causes obvious congestion of network speed in serious cases. This case, we need to ask third-party tools such like NetBalancer for help – a very practical Internet/network traffic monitoring and bandwidth throttling software from Moldova. It is the same kind of application as P2Pover from China. The two work in a similar principle, and are based on the ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) protocol.

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[v20.4] Minitab – Powerful statistical software everyone can use

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Minitab is the unmatched, all-in-one data analysis and statistics software for everyone that lets data be used for what it is worth. It is not only a leader in providing statistical software and services for quality improvement, education and research applications, but also a world-leading software tool for quality management and Six Sigma implementation, as well as a good tool for continuous quality improvement. It can analyze data to identify problems and meaningful solutions when users encounter the most intractable business problems.

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Virtual Hypnotist – Help you make self-hypnosis

Insomnia – in the past, people who suffered from this condition were mostly affected by work, life and other bad experiences. Now, smartphone + fast and convenient mobile Internet has caused more and more people to suffer from severe insomnia from lying in bed fiddling with their phones. AppNee’s method is simple and effective, requiring no drugs or visits to the hospital. Instead, you just need to do what you least want to do on your phone after lying in bed, like reading e-books on math, economics, etc. If you have a computer at hand, try Virtual Hypnotist.

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[v2.9.16, v1.7.6, v2.1.2] StartIsBack – Call classic Start Menu back to Windows 8/8.1/10

StartIsBack (StartIsBack+, StartIsBack++, AKA: StartIsBack Plus, StartIsBack Plus Plus) is a series of auxiliary desktop enhancement software, specially designed for replacing the gaudy and notorious Metro UI of Window 8/8.1/10 with Windows XP/7’s classic and efficient start menu (has the most popular style and function) – which process can also be referred to as “Restore the classic start menu”.

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