[v9.8] LANState – Network mapper and visual device monitor

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LANState is a visual network mapping, monitoring and managing software specially designed for network manager or administrator, developed by 10-Strike Software from Russia. It can creates an interactive map for your network from which you are able to view the status of all connected devices in real time. At the same time, it will monitor all shared resources and communications within the network, and inform you (via e-mail, SMS, or sound notifications) when various events occur.

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Aerialod – Interactive 3D terrain generator

Aerialod is a very easy to use, free and open-source 3D terrain generation edge tool, developed by ephtracy (the author of MagicaVoxel). It can help you easily generate various types of terrains, render real satellite data, generate synthetic height maps, use HDR rendering, output maps up to 16K, and much more. This is enough to make it easy and fast for any user who doesn’t know anything about modeling to create a 3D map.

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